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Diesel generator automation technology transformation and application

August 03, 2022
In the process of hydroelectric power station operation, as the hydroelectric power station involves the development and use of a large amount of electricity, once there is an electrical accident, the hydroelectric power station is not able to work normally, which will certainly lead to a series of power supply system paralysis, bringing serious impact to normal work production. This requires the transformation of the automation technology of diesel generators, the automation technology of diesel generators will be applied to the actual situation, to ensure the steady development of the work of the hydropower station, to provide a strong power guarantee for social production and people's normal life.
1 At present, the main problems of China's hydropower station diesel generators
Hydropower station diesel generator problems are mainly manifested: on the one hand, the hydropower station diesel generator into operation for a long time, resulting in serious aging of the hydropower station diesel generator equipment, the operation of the equipment can not start normally more, the relevant control system poor contact phenomenon is serious. On the other hand, the hydroelectric power station for the maintenance of equipment, due to the relevant diesel generator equipment automation technology is more backward, there are more security risks, all aspects of the maintenance work need staff to go deep into the actual, to the staff of the various work has brought a greater burden and pressure. In the diesel generator monitoring technology, the actual monitoring technology is relatively simple, most of the system failure and other aspects of maintenance still need to be operated by the management staff in a timely manner, the dependence on manual is strong, not yet able to achieve automatic identification of fault disconnection, remote control equipment and other operations.
2 Hydropower station diesel generator automation technology transformation of the implementation direction
The implementation direction of diesel generator automation technology transformation is mainly to optimize and improve the diesel generator at the top of the hydropower station dam, for really can not improve the old equipment should be replaced in a timely manner with advanced equipment to ensure reliable operation of the arc gate opening and closing and plant black start backup power, to achieve automatic operation and remote control of the diesel generator, when the hydropower station is not able to work normally can be timely access to diesel Generators to achieve operation, to ensure that the hydropower station flood control work can run smoothly.
3 Diesel generator automation technology transformation implementation method
3.1 The configuration of diesel generators
In the diesel generator automation technology modification, requires the transformation of diesel generators to have a certain configuration. Firstly, for the automatic control system of diesel generator, it is required to apply the comApInteliLiteAMF25 automatic control system to the diesel generator to realize the automatic control and automatic analysis of the work of diesel generator. The diesel control cabinet should be far away from the ground and can be hung on the wall to facilitate the staff to carry out the control of the diesel generator conveniently. Furthermore, the corresponding automatic fault protection device should be set up, after the power failure, the fault protection device can cut off the connection of important equipment and play a protective work for important equipment. Finally, a sound auxiliary equipment system is set up to analyze the configuration of diesel generator's smoke exhaust, heat dissipation, fuel tank setting, transmission pipeline, battery, etc. to ensure that the performance of auxiliary equipment is intact to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator.
3.2 Aspects of the automatic control system of diesel generators
For the automatic control system of diesel generators, advanced automation technology should be integrated into the relevant equipment of diesel generators, with functions such as manual, self-start, automatic battery float charging device after oil engine shutdown, automatic fault supervision, air switch with protection device, function selection system, indication and supervision instruments, and all control systems should be centralized with switchgear to realize the automatic adjustment of the specified parameters of the unit function and integrated control of engine speed regulation and generator voltage regulation, with intelligent equipment technology to achieve the management of the start-up control program, real-time monitoring of the engine and generator operating status, the system is able to provide timely alarm in case of operating problems to achieve safety management.
3.3 Diesel generator control and protection system
In the control and protection system of diesel generator, the control system consists of generator set machine and digital control display to realize the control and protection of diesel generator. The starting device and control and protection power supply of the set adopt stable DC power supply to ensure the work and realize the actual control of low lubricating oil pressure, self-start failure, low battery voltage and over-current protection, high cooling water temperature, high and low frequency, etc. For the automatic alarm function, the control of low oil pressure, high cooling water temperature, overcurrent, overload, low DC voltage and low water level can be realized. On the control screen of the diesel generator, electrical control devices, mode selection switches, emergency stop buttons, monitoring meters and indicators are set to realize the stable monitoring of the diesel generator and grasp the actual condition of the generator.
3.4 Status monitoring device of diesel generator
For the status monitoring device of diesel generator, the generator ammeter, voltmeter and frequency meter should be added, and three generator ammeters should be added under the control device to realize the timely reflection of three-phase current, and one generator voltmeter should be added to realize the reflection of three-phase voltage. In addition, the cumulative running time detection equipment and DC voltmeter of the generator should be added to monitor the working time and DC voltage of the diesel generator in real time. In the instrumentation and control of diesel generators, an intelligent microcomputer control system is developed for each diesel generator to realize the monitoring and regulation of the unit, and the control system should include automatic and manual mode selection switches. The microcomputer technology is used to realize the installation of the controller, and the automatic voltage regulator and regulator electronic components are added inside the diesel generator to realize the status monitoring of the diesel generator.
3.5 Speed governor improvement and replacement
The speed of the generator set is changed with the size of the throttle, the present-day hydropower station diesel generator is generally used in the mechanical governor, this governor mainly uses the centrifugal force generated by the flying weight to achieve the adjustment of the speed of the diesel engine, but can not keep the diesel engine before and after the speed of the stable speed of the same, there is a speed difference. And mechanical governor requires the corresponding staff to actively observe the dynamics of the work of the generator set, the generator set timely adjustment, the actual role of the mechanical governor in this mode of work is not much. In this regard, the electronic governor can be used instead of the mechanical governor. The electronic governor includes the speed control and execution parts, which can automatically adjust the fuel supply according to the load change and make the diesel engine run stably within the specified speed range. The electronic governor adopts the technology of magneto-electric speed sensor, converts the signal collected by the sensor into AC voltage pulse signal with frequency proportional to the speed of diesel engine, then converts this signal into DC voltage, compares it with the speed setting data and gets the deviation data of transmission, then outputs the adjustment signal to adjust the throttle. The electronic governor selects the speed signal and actuator using the electrical method of the governor, the response speed of this governor is faster, and its installation and maintenance work is more convenient, can realize the remote control of the governor itself, and then can replace the mechanical governor used in the diesel generator.
4 Conclusion
In summary, from the perspective of diesel generator automation technology transformation direction and implementation methods, analyze the main problems of diesel generators in China's hydropower stations, the use of advanced science and technology to solve the existing problems and find out the countermeasures, in the hope of promoting the construction of diesel generator automation, so that the efficiency of diesel generators can be improved to ensure the normal and stable operation of hydropower stations.

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