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8 Factors to Consider to Help You Select the Ideal Generator Set

August 04, 2022
When choosing a diesel generator for a job site, it is necessary that the diesel generator chosen can meet the reliable power required for the job site. Generally speaking, since the power required varies tremendously from site to site, the right diesel generator should be selected on a case-by-case basis. For example, the need to supply power to a small commercial facility will be completely different from the diesel generator chosen for a large construction site or manufacturing plant.
This is why it is so important to select the diesel generator that best suits the specific requirements of the job site. If needed, some diesel generators can even have the necessary load requirements, safety precautions and innovative features that allow you to run the generator for extended periods of time without problems.
When selecting the right diesel generator to power your job site, the following eight factors should be considered.
1. The amount of power required by the diesel generator
The diesel generator selected must have a high enough rated and maximum output to support the jobsite application. The rated output is the number of watts the generator can produce continuously, while the maximum output is the number of watts the generator can produce, even if only for a short period of time.
To determine the rated and maximum output required for a diesel generator, you need to determine the total wattage of all the equipment that will be loaded onto the generator set. For each piece of equipment, you will need to determine the wattage required to start the equipment and the wattage required to run the equipment.
Add the running wattage of all the tools together - the sum is the rated output of the diesel generator needed. Then add the starting power of all the power tools - the sum is the maximum output needed.
Get these numbers and add a 10% buffer as a safety precaution - if the generator set selected does not meet the needs of its application, the generator will not be able to supply adequate power and wear out faster.
2. Clean Energy
Diesel generators used as the primary source of power on construction sites are subject to these regulations, so look for a line of generators with local standards.
3. Quiet
Another factor to consider is how loud the diesel generator set is allowed to be. Some commercial and residential areas have strict noise control regulations - there is a need to ensure compliance with these regulations.
The industry standard for generator sound levels is about 70 dB(A) heard at 1 meter. Most generators meet this standard, but depending on the location or application of your workplace, you may need a generator with more sound attenuation (sound reduction). For example, the silent box diesel generator with its super power and silent function has become the most ideal silent generator for various industries.
4. Diesel and gas: a matter of convenience
Both diesel and gas generators are equipped to handle the variable loads required at the job site. Nevertheless, due to the abundance of diesel equipment at many work sites, diesel generators make the most sense. With diesel generators, fuel can be purchased for both the generator and other diesel-running tools - diesel generators are more convenient for field applications.
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5. Operation
Time running time is the amount of time a generator will run before it needs to be refueled. Generally, a generator needs to be selected that will meet 100% of the job site load requirements throughout a typical workday.
6. Customize the generator with the features needed for the job site
Since no two construction sites are alike, customization is key to job site applications. Especially for contractors, it is important to determine the features needed for jobsite related equipment and customize the generator set to fit the jobsite.
Equipped with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
Jobsites require variable loads; equipment needs surges when it starts up and then power needs to be gradually reduced as the equipment operates normally. AVRs help ensure that output voltages remain consistent, even under changing loads when starting up and shutting down equipment throughout the workday.
The AVR works by storing excess output in a capacitor that can be released during periods of high demand. This not only protects the generator and prevents power loss, but also prevents electrical damage to the equipment.
Automatic Idle Speed Control is also necessary for colder jobsite applications. Automatic idle control works much like a car - the engine runs at a lower speed when not in use. This reduces fuel consumption and noise levels when not pumping, and allows the motor to stay warm before being subjected to a significant load - making it especially useful in the colder months.
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7. Mobile trailers
When choosing a diesel generator for the need to transport, ease of transport is the most important issue to consider, and the durability and size of the mobile trailer that accompanies its generator should be the main concern. The sturdier the trailer, the lower the risk of damage to the generator at the job site. A sturdy galvanized steel trailer is a safe choice for surviving in the harsh environment of a construction site.
For diesel generator sets, you also need to consider the size of trailer needed - do you need an extended run tank on the trailer, or do you need space on the trailer for different equipment?
The type of trailer you need will depend greatly on its intended application. You should work with a generator supplier who can customize it with the features you need. For example, if you can get in touch, mobile trailer type diesel generators have transport tethers, safety chains and reflective DOT tape.
While there are many factors to consider when choosing a mobile generator trailer, it can provide you with the best option for your application.
8. Ongoing maintenance plan
In general, for diesel generators, the key to preventing downtime is to go through a regular maintenance program.
Radiator airflow, engine cooling and filtration systems, and fuel storage conditions and accessories, as well as other components, should be monitored regularly. To prevent downtime and maximize the value of your diesel generator, you need to choose your generator set and supplier very carefully.

Final Words

As a result, the pointers above are necessary when selecting the best diesel generator for an industrial or commercial application. It is essential to choose the appropriate diesel generator set to assist you in increasing the productivity of your business and the amount of revenue you make.

So, if you are involved in purchasing the best diesel generator of the greatest possible quality and performance, do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, seeing how a generator works will provide you with a more satisfying overall experience. When buying a diesel generator for industrial or commercial use, there are several different aspects to consider. Consult with experts to learn more about the solution that is the best fit for the application you have in mind.