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Why Should you choose Cummins Engine?

September 02, 2022

Cummins Inc.'s reputation is undeniably remarkable, with 100 years of experience manufacturing diesel and natural gas-powered engines. One of Cummins' most durable engines is the Cummins Engine. These engines are excellent choices for on and off-road applications. Cummins engines have successfully established themselves in the fields of agricultural, maritime, power generation, oil and gas exploration, transportation, and mining.

Cummins Engine has a dominating reputation in the market because Cummins engine is favorable for many OEM applications and matches perfect requirements. Many industries use Cummins 4BT and 6BT engines. These engines are famous for their stable features and reliability. Therefore, the demand for Cummins genuine engine parts is skyscraping.

Hubei Junvoch Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the world's most popular professional diesel generators, engine assembly, and engine parts suppliers. We keep a great collection of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket spare parts. In particular, we stock all sorts of genuine Cummins diesel engine parts at competitive prices and maintain a good delivery process.


Cummins Engine Parts

Cummins engines are powerful because their replacement parts are clean, stable, efficient, and durable. For genuine Cummins engines and engines from other brands, Cummins engine parts are popular. All large vehicles, including trucks, railroads, loaders, graders, etc., can fit these.

Initially, we categorized Cummins engine parts into five different groups. Each of these groups contains the unit's spare parts. 


·         Engine Assy: In this section, we have prepared most types of Diesel and Electrical assembled engines for you.

·         Fuel System: This section includes all Cummins engine fuel system spare parts. Fuel Injectors, pumps, viscosity sensors, plungers, and barrels are the most common parts in this section.

·         CCEC Series:  CCEC means Chongqing Cummins Engines Co. In this section, you will find all CCEC engine parts. You can navigate them individually and select your desired spare part.

·         DCEC series: DCEC means Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. This section highlights all DCEC Cummins engine parts.

·         BFCEC Series: BFCEC stands for Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. This section highlight all BFCEC Cummins engine parts.

·         Clutch: Finally, this section highlights six different types of clutch for all models of Cummins diesel engine parts.


We provide a wide range of genuine quality Cummins Spare parts. Most of the models are TSL, KTA19, ISM11, ISLE, K19, K38, K50, K38, KTA38, QSM11, ISM11, L10, ECM3408300 M11, QSB, ISF2.8, ISF 3.8, ISF 2.8, 6CT, 6CT3.8, B3.9, 4BT, 4BTAA, QSB3.3, CP1, etc. As mentioned earlier, we have a great collection of all Cummins engines, including CCEC, DCEC, and BFCEC.


Why Should you choose Cummins Engine?

Cummins diesel engines are popular as truck engines in most countries. Cummins Engine can provide a truck's required horsepower and torque to lift a heavy load. On the other hand, Cummins engines are also famous for their unmatched durability. Cummins Engine promises a long lifespan if you do regular maintenance and scheduled servicing.


Ruthless Engines

Cummins Diesel for agricultural applications has a power range from 50 – 950 HP, almost 37 to 708 KW. On the other hand, Most of the Cummins Engines for construction vary from 49 HP to 1200HP, nearly 37 to 859KW.

Because of Cummins's variety of power ranges, Cummins Engines become favorable for most OEMs Engines and meet exact power needs.


Premium Spare Parts

Genuine Cummins Engine spare parts undoubtedly ensure a longer life. Besides, to get a longer lifespan, the importance of spare parts is limitless for regular maintenance.

Junvoch offers all genuine Cummins spare parts with expert advice. All CCEC, DCEC, and BFCEC Cummins engine spare parts are available in our inventory.


Market Availability

Cummins Diesel engines are prevalent in most countries in the world. As a result, Cummins's service points can be easily seen in most of the towns in the country. Therefore, wide market availability of spare parts helps regular maintenance be much more manageable.


Maintenance and Diagnostics

Modern Cummins Engines are advanced to the highest level compared to other brands' engines in the market. Junvoche Experts are continuously researching how to improve the quality of spare parts.

In addition, Junvoche Engineers ensures the spare parts go through enough tests and diagnostics so you can confidently use your Cummins Engineer.


Cummins Engine Parts From Junvoch Inventory

Junvoch offers you a great collection of generator and engine spare parts. Cummins Engine parts are one of the most common among them. Why should you choose us as your Cummins Engine part supplier?


Genuine Parts

Genuine replacement parts will maintain your engine's original condition. The original spare parts also ensure the engine will last a long time.

However, Junvoch offers Original Cummins Engine Parts. Depending on the several Cummins manufacturers, Junvoch can provide you with all the original Cummins spare parts of different manufacturers.


Great Collection

We've already said that Junvoch is one of the most well-known manufacturers of Cummins engine parts on the global market. This company can provide Cummins spare parts from various manufacturers, including DCEC, CCEC, BFCEC, etc.



Cummins's genuine spare parts are popular because of their high-quality and long-lasting features. Cummins engine parts are also popular because of their nature of versatility.

Cummins Engine parts can be used in most Diesel Engines for trucks, trains, or even construction machines. Therefore, choosing the Cummins Engine spare parts will be your best decision to maintain your vehicle.


Tested and certified

Junvoch ensures product quality through enough testing and certifications. We keep the latest technology to test and certify every Cummins spare part. Therefore, every aspect of our store is tested and certified. As a result, you can confidently purchase our spare parts. Junvoch also provides diagnostic reports to every customer on every purchase.

Above all, you can confidently select Cummins engine spare parts from us. Junvoch will always promise the best quality and services. Once you choose a product, we are responsible for delivering it to you as soon as possible. However, Junvoch is full of experts who can help you with the best solution for your business. Our customer service is always ready to answer your questions. Feel free to inform us at any time.