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100KW Open Silent Trailer Diesel Generator Set

December 02, 2022
100kw silent diesel generator sets are widely used in post and telecommunications, hotels and buildings, entertainment venues, farms, industrial minerals and other places with strict requirements for environmental noise, as a common or standby power supply.
100kw silent diesel generator set noise reduction program:
1, exhaust noise: exhaust is a high-temperature, high-speed pulsating airflow noise, is the engine noise in the energy, components of more parts. Much higher than the intake noise and mechanical noise radiated by the body, is the main component of the total engine noise. Its fundamental frequency is the firing frequency of the engine.
2, mechanical noise: mechanical noise is mainly the engine moving parts in the process of operation by the gas pressure and movement of inertial force caused by the cyclic changes in vibration or mutual impact and generated. This structure noise spreads far and decreases, once formed it is difficult to isolate.
3, combustion noise: combustion noise is diesel fuel in the combustion process generated by the structure of vibration and noise. In the cylinder combustion noise sound pressure level is very high, however, most of the engine structure in the rigidity of the parts are high, its self-vibration frequency more in the high-frequency region, due to the frequency response to acoustic propagation mismatch, because in the low frequency band very high cylinder pressure level peak can not be smoothly transmitted, and the cylinder pressure level in the high frequency band is relatively easy to transmit.
4, cooling fan and exhaust noise: 100kw quiet diesel generator fan noise is composed of eddy current noise and rotating noise, rotating noise caused by the fan blades cutting the air flow to produce periodic disturbances. Exhaust noise, airflow noise, fan noise, mechanical noise are radiated out through the channel of exhaust.
5, into the wind noise: 100kw silent diesel generator set in the normal work of the need for sufficient fresh air supply, on the one hand to ensure the normal work of the engine, on the other hand, to create good thermal conditions for the unit, otherwise the unit can not guarantee its performance.
6, generator noise: generator noise includes electromagnetic noise caused by the pulsation of the magnetic field between the stator and rotor, as well as the mechanical noise generated by the rotation of the rolling bearings.
Junvoch's 100kw silent diesel generator set is the introduction of Cummins patented PT fuel system engine technology and carefully designed; advanced design concepts, a full range of products. 100kw silent diesel generator set products in addition to a series of diesel generator sets, diesel generator sets of various functions, but also has the following characteristics.
100kw silent diesel generator set low noise, the overall mechanism is compact, occupying little space; box all for the detachable structure, the box using steel plate splicing, the surface is coated with high-performance rust-proof paint, while having noise reduction and rainproof function.
100kw silent diesel generator set box internal use of multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch type muffling structure, built-in large impedance type silencer.
The structure of the box is reasonably designed, with a large-capacity fuel tank inside the box, and two access doors on the left and right at the same time, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the unit.
At the same time, there is an observation window and an emergency stop button on the cabinet, so that the operation of the 100kw silent diesel generator set can be observed and the set can be stopped at a fast speed to avoid damage to the set in case of emergency.