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Cummins Generator Technologies innovative, fuel-efficient problem solving unit

March 07, 2020

In order to adapt to the development of the times, constantly upgrading Cummins generators in efforts to resolve the problem saving unit.

1. Make sure the machine is not leaking.Diesel generator sets pipeline is often due to uneven surface joints, gaskets deformed or damaged surface loopholes phenomenon. Way to deal with that, the gasket coated valve paint on the glass polished, being tubing connector. Additional diesel recovery unit, available plastic pipe return pipe and hollow-core screw connection on the nozzle, so that oil flows back to the tank.

2. Adjust the injector fuel injection pressure.

3. Improving diesel engine cooling water temperature.Raise the water temperature can make diesel more complete combustion, oil viscosity will be smaller, reducing the resistance movement, to achieve fuel efficiency.

4. maintain optimum supply angle.Such as the oil angle offset will cause the oil supply too late, fuel consumption greatly increased.

5. Oil purification before use. Failure of the diesel engine fuel supply system by more than half. The method of treatment is to buy diesel shelved precipitation 2-4 days and then used to precipitate 98% of impurities, such as are bought and used, you can put two layers of silk or toilet paper in the fuel tank at the screen.

6. Change the "big horse car". Appropriate to increase engine pulley, to improve pump speed down the engine running in the case, the flow rate, head increase, to save energy.