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July 06, 2022

You can define a Diesel Generator Set or DG set as a power generation unit where a diesel engine is coupled to an alternator (electric generator) for generating electrical energy. They are used as a primary source of electrical power in locations that do not have the power from the national power grid or as a backup power to meet the exigency of temporary “no supply” from the power grid.


What is a Diesel Generator Set and how does it work?

Your Diesel Generator Set has a diesel engine as the prime mover. The diesel engine is an internal combustion engine and converts the chemical energy of the diesel to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy rotates the crankshaft of the diesel engine and the alternator coupled to it also rotates.

The function of an alternator is to convert the mechanical energy received from the diesel engine into electrical energy.

All of us have studied in schools about the phenomenon of induced current “when you move a copper conductor (wire or coil) towards a permanent magnet or vice versa”. This phenomenon is explained by Faraday’s law. The alternator has a stator and rotor and works on this principle and produces alternating current (AC).

The Diesel Generator Set has a transfer switch to prevent the concurrent running of the DG set and grid power.

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The major parts of a Diesel Generator set are:

·Diesel engine coupled to an alternator and mounted on a sturdy metal base frame.

· Diesel tank.

· Air filter. Fuel filter.

·Exhaust system and silencer.

· Cooling system (coolant tank, radiator, and fan).

· Governor.

· Turbocharger.

·Lubrication system.

· Battery.

·Control panel, circuit breaker, and other electricals.

·DC starter motor. AVR (automatic voltage regulator).

The Diesel Generator Set is normally enclosed in a sheet metal enclosure for its protection and reduction of sound level.

Large DG sets can come with software for managing the connected load more effectively.

What is KVA: The KVA (kilo volt-amperes) rating is an important specification of a Diesel Generator Set and a higher KVA rating implies more power from the DG Set. One KVA is 1000 volt-amperes.

However, the KVA of a 3-phase Diesel Generator Set indicates the apparent power and it is not the same as kilo watts (kilo watts indicate the real power). You can calculate the Kilo watts by multiplying the KVA rating of the 3-phase Diesel Generator Set by its power factor.


Applications of Diesel Generator Sets

The Diesel Generator sets have become an essential part of our life and have a wide applications both industrial and commercial. Let us discuss this in more detail.


Industrial applications.

Manufacturing units: Standby Diesel Generator Sets are an integral part of a manufacturing unit, especially if it suffers a frequent failure of the power grid. When there is a failure of the supply from the power grid, the manufacturing unit can use the standby DG unit either to power the entire operation of the unit or only the essential services that cannot be stopped.

Power plants: Diesel Generator Sets are used as standby units in power plants to meet the exigency in case of the breakdown of the power plant. The standby DG Unit helps in powering essential services and aids in bringing back the powerplant into operation. In the case of hydroelectric plants, the standby Diesel Generator Sets help operation of the spillway gates, in cases of emergency. Powerplants often use a small Diesel Generator set as a BSDG (black start diesel generator).

Large office premises: When there is a failure of the power grid, the Diesel Generator units are used as a backup source of electricity to meet all the electrical requirements like general lights, air conditioner or heating system, security system, computers, lifts, data centers, and all other equipment that runs on electric power.

New construction projects: Many companies undertake new construction projects in places where there is no supply from the power grid or there may be a delay in obtaining the supply of electric power from a power grid. In all such situations, they use a portable Diesel Generator Set to continuously power the construction project for general lighting and running of the construction equipment.

Commercial applications.

Real estate: Standby Diesel Generator Sets play an important role in ensuring 24×7 power supply to residential apartment complexes, commercial shopping complexes, malls, schools, colleges, etc. These standby DG sets come alive during a temporary failure of the grid supply and ensure all the facilities that run on electric power are not affected (including lifts, escalators, air conditioners, and heating systems).

Medical hospitals: Backup Diesel Generator Sets play an important role in powering the hospitals during the failure of supply from the power grid. All the hospital functions including general lighting, air conditioners, heating systems, operation theatres, ICU, and other patient services can continue with the electric power supplied by the backup DG set.

Railway coaches: The Diesel Generator Sets are used as a primary source of electrical power for general lighting, air conditioners, and heating systems of railway coaches.

Passenger ships: The Diesel Generator Sets are used as a primary source of electrical power for general lighting, recreation, air conditioners, and heating systems of a ship. Some ships may also use this electric power for the propulsion of the ship.

Agriculture and farming: In places that do not have supply from the power grid, the Diesel Generator Sets are used as a primary source of electrical power for agriculture and farming activities. The DG sets are also used as a backup source of power.

The application of a Diesel Generator set is countless and it is not possible to record each and every application.

Typical other areas where the Diesel Generator Sets are used as a primary source of power are (i) mining operations (ii) outdoor shooting units of film and television crews (iii) large-scale functions held on open fields (iv) military services (v) places not connected by the power grid, etc.

Other typical areas where the Diesel Generator Sets are used as a standby source are (i) data centers (ii) Telcom towers (iii) solar-powered places (iv) food processing plants dealing with perishable items (v) hotels and restaurants etc.


Why diesel?

· Diesel is a stable fuel, has a good ratio of energy density to volume, and optimum rate of consumption.

· The volatility of diesel is less when compared to gasoline.

· Diesel engines have better thermal efficiency and are ideal for heavy-duty continuous or intermittent use.

Pros and cons of a Diesel Generator Set.


·Diesel engines work on compression ignition (do not need spark plugs) and this reduces the maintenance issues.

· Diesel Generator Sets are long-lasting and can work for a longer period between two maintenance cycles.

· Diesel Generator sets are strong (rugged), efficient, and reliable.

· Diesel Generator Sets are competent to handle large power loads and can run for longer periods.

· Diesel Generator Sets are versatile, durable, and available in different sizes and capacities to meet the expectation of diverse users.

·Modern Diesel Generator sets are designed to reduce the noise output, optimum level of maintenance, and better efficiency in fuel consumption.


· The use of diesel in a Diesel Generator Set results in the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide), carbon monoxide, and other pollutants that are considered harmful to our surroundings and the earth.

· The noise level of a Diesel Generator set is still considered high.

· Even though diesel is less inflammable compared to gasoline, it is still inflammable and needs safety precautions.

· Running a Diesel Generator set continuously needs large storage of diesel.

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