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Diesel Engine Oil Pump Does Not Supply Oil For The Following Reasons

December 06, 2022

Diesel engine oil pump does not supply oil for the following reasons:


1. Poor assembly or reversal of the oil pump. Solution: Go to the manufacturer to reassemble the oil pump.

2. Plunger and plunger sleeve wear. Solution: Replace the plunger sleeve or plunger.

3. Oil outlet valve is worn. Solution: Go to the repair shop to replace the outlet valve.

4. The spring of the oil discharge valve fails. Solution: Replace the oil valve spring.

5. There is no fuel in the fuel tank. Solution: Add fuel in time.

6. Diesel fuel filter or oil circuit is blocked. Solution: Clean the diesel filter or oil circuit.

7. The fuel pump does not supply fuel. Solution: Check whether there is a problem with the fuel pump and replace it if necessary.

8. The oil supply system enters the air. Solution: Check the oil supply system in time.

9. The plunger of the injection pump is stuck and cannot work. Solution: Clean up in time.

10. The copper gasket of the oil discharge valve coupling seal is broken or the spring is broken. Solution: Replace the damaged parts.


Daily maintenance of the car oil pump: 1. When refueling at regular gas stations, ensure the quality of the oil, so that the working environment of the oil pump is relatively clean and prolong the service life. 2. Do not wait until the oil is used up before refueling. Ensure that the oil tank is not less than a quarter, the oil pump heat dissipation is good, and the service life is relatively extended.


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