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Learn the Ins and Outs of Purchasing Cummins Engine Parts

September 02, 2022


Cummins is a global industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing diesel and compressed natural gas engines. The company's headquarters are located in Columbus, Indiana. The highest quality Cummins engines provide propulsion for various heavy equipment, including excavators, ferries, dredge boats, and other large-scale machines. Cummins engines are designed to endure for a long time. Still, since they are machines with many moving parts, they may be subjected to the wear and tear arising from regular use and will eventually stop working.


Cummins Engine Parts for Replacement

Mostly, an engine fails because its components have been damaged to the point that they can no longer perform their intended functions. The real kicker is that you can quickly repair your excavators and perhaps other heavy-duty equipment by having a professional expert replace the damaged or broken components with original Cummins engine parts. This will allow your machine to perform as it did when it was first purchased. All of the replaceable parts and replacements that we carry for Cummins are of high quality, ensuring their performance and longevity.

Let's mention some Cummins engine parts and other offerings:

  1. Maintenance and repair components for engines.
  2. Kits for conversion as well as engine upgrades.
  3. Products offered by Cummins filtration.
  4. Cummins turbocharger assemblies and individual components.
  5.  Products related to noise reduction and emission.
  6. Genset alternators and spares.
  7.  Filtration components as well as coolants.
  8.  Instruments specialized in diagnostics and repairs.
  9. Cummins fuel pumps and fuel injectors.
  10.  Products relating to electricity, electronics, and software.
  11. Accessories and auxiliary materials.
  12. Instructional materials, written materials, and cut models.


When you need to replace your excavators or other heavy-duty machinery, you will be faced with whether to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components or aftermarket or counterfeit parts. While the advantages of aftermarket components are often oriented around pricing, OEM parts are praised for their quality. However, there isn't always a clear-cut option to choose from. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and aftermarket Cummins engine parts and which choice is most suitable for your circumstances.


How OEM and Generic Engine Parts Are Different

The authentic Cummins engine parts and the imitation brands are sometimes difficult to distinguish, particularly to the inexperienced eye. In most cases, the difference between the two is not that clear. The counterfeit may have a ring gap, which is a few millimeters too large, asymmetrical regions, sloppy welding, or a shabby finish. Yet, not all replacement Cummins engine parts are made to the same standards. Some replacement Cummins engine parts may meet or even surpass the quality of the OEM versions. The manufacturer helps determine everything.


The Advantages of Using Original Cummins Engine Parts

When you are in the market for replacement of your Cummins engine parts, you must get authentic components to prevent any issues with the engine. The engine's features must conform to standards that the naked eye cannot see. What you are unable to perceive has a significant impact. Genuine Cummins engine parts are built perfectly and put through a series of demanding performance tests to guarantee they provide consistent and dependable results. The following are additional benefits of purchasing authentic Cummins engine parts instead of their inferior, non-genuine competitors.


Authentic engine components are of good quality, which is one of these parts' most important selling aspects. For instance, genuine Cummins engine parts are fabricated using the same high-quality ingredients that go into the production of the original product. Along these lines, you can relax in the knowledge that these replacements are constructed to endure and depend on them to accomplish their functions as they were designed to do.


When shopping for engine components, durability is one of the most important aspects. You want to be sure that the parts you purchase will last you a long time, and one benefit of purchasing authentic Cummins engine parts is that they do, in fact, last a long time. Genuine engine components don't quickly wear out like counterfeit or aftermarket parts, so you won't need to replace them regularly to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Fair Exchange Price

Original Cummins engine parts could set you back a bit more money, but you'll get more for your money if you choose to go with them. Over time, you will realize the advantages of purchasing authentic Cummins engine parts. Purchasing one genuine engine replacement component each year is more cost-effective than buying three imitation products over the same period.


Original Cummins engine parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty in their entirety. It will preserve your finances and provide much-needed peace of mind. Without charging a deductible, the company stands behind all of its products one hundred percent, including the cost of labor, parts, and progressive damage. Its global network of over 7,000 sites provides this support.


Around the globe, hundreds of distributors and dealers sell and service Cummins products. Because the organization makes sure that these sites are supplied with widely used components, it is simple for consumers to get replacement parts no matter where they are. If your engine breaks down, having access to authentic Cummins engine parts when you need them might help reduce the amount of time your business is idle and the amount of money it loses due to lost productivity.


Why Choose JWC Power When Purchasing Cummins Engine Parts?

You have arrived at the right place if you were seeking a reliable Cummins engine parts provider. Genuine Cummins engine parts are ones that we sell here at JWC Power. We can guarantee the reliability of parts at a lesser price than the OEM version, and they are just as dependable. The time it takes to transport the Cummins engine parts you ordered will be significantly cut down. Your complete and utter fulfillment is our top priority as a customer-focused business. Give us a call, describe what you need, and we will have your order on its way to you within the hour.