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Super Silent Diesel Generator Set 6CTAA8.3G2 180Kw 225Kva

Brand/Model: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2
Frequency: 50 Hz (60Hz For Optional)
Optional Type: Open / Rainproof / Silent / Trailer / Containerized
Aspiration: Turbocharged And Charge Air Cooled
Exciter Type: Single Bearing,brushless,Self-excited
Power: 120KW
Voltage: 380/220V
Size Of Silent Type: 3000*1100*1700mm
Starting Method: DC 24V Electrical Start
Voltage Adjust Range: ≤5%



Super Silent Diesel Generator Set 6CTAA8.3G2 180Kw 225Kva

Diesel generator Details
Power 180kw/225kva
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Voltage 380/220v(voltage can be customized)
Optional Type Open/soundproof/trailer
Size of Open type 2500*950*1500mm
Weight of Open type 1650kg
With Diesel Engine
Brand&model with Cummins 6CTAA8.3-G2
Standby Power 200kw
Cylinders 6 in line arrangement
Bore*Stroke 114*135mm
Displacement 8.3L
Lubrication Oil Capacity 24L
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load 205g/kw.h
Speed Governor Electronic
With Alternator
Optional Brands Stamford/Leroy Somer/Mecc Alte/Marathon
Exciter type Single bearing,brushless,Self-excited
Power factor 0.8
Voltage adjust range ≤5%
Insulation Grade H
Protection Grade IP23
With Controller
Optional brands Deepsea/ComAp/Smartgen
Standard equipment
 Diesel engine  50 water cooled radiator
 Alternator  Silencer and flexible exhaust hose
Starting batteries and battery connect wires  Digital control panel
Output circuit breaker  Steel base frame
Optional equipment
Sound proof Water heater
 Automatic parallel synchronizing control system ATS
Standard container type  
Can be shipped on board directly during transportation The switch cabinet and control panel are respectively set on both sides of the shell for ea maintenance & operation
The mesh plate with podwer coating and inner pasted with high-density glass fiber is installed inside the shell, which is beautiful and anti-rust, and can further reduce the noise The air in & out louver made of the mesh plate with podwer coating and pasted with high-density glass fiber is beautiful and not easy to rust, and can further reduce the noise
3mm thick checkered steel plate floor is beautiful & antiskid., and is convenient for overhaul & maintenance ofthe unit Isolation net is designed for air inlet, exhaust outlet and muffler outlet to prevent objects from entering the unit
Double emergency stop button set on different surfaces enables quick response to operation requirements The sufficient air in & out design ensure long-term and stable operation of the unit
The independent daily fuel tank can be designed to put inside to meet requirements of continuous operation The drainage outlets are all connected to the outside for ea operation
The fuel filler is set on the shell to facilitate refueling Ceiling Lighting is equipped for easy operation



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