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Automatic Genset Diesel Generator controller GU331A

1. trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, oil and gas fields, etc.
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Cummins Generator Controller - GU331A

GU331A is a Genset intelligent controller, which has ATS auto transfer control function. It is adopted high performance computer chip, can modify the control procedure and protection parameters of generator, which incorporated kinds of functions, such as measure, control, protection, three remote, and programmable management. It fully meets the auto control requirements of different kinds of Genset for generator user and or special assembly factory.
Measure and Display Data:
Mains 3-phase phase voltage L1-N, L2-N, L3-N
Mains 3-phase line voltage L1- L2, L2- L3, L3- L1
Gen 3-phase phase voltage L1-N, L2-N, L3-N
Gen 3-phase line voltage L1- L2, L2- L3, L3- L1
Load 3-phase current L1, L2, L3
Mains frequency Hz(L1)
Gen frequency Hz(L1)
3-phase apparent power AL1, AL2, AL3
3-phase power and total power P L1, P L2, P L3, ∑P
3-phase reactive and total reactive power QL1, QL2, QL3 ∑Q
3-phase power factor PFL1, PFL2, PFL3
Active energy (KWhr) ∑E
Reactive energy (KVArhr) ∑E
Phase sequence detect
Genset running speed RPM
Engine oil pressure Kpa
Engine coolant temp℃
Fuel level %
Batter voltage VDC
Genset running time HOUR

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