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Diesel Generator Turbocharger WH1E 3534019 3802663 Tractor Turbo for Cummins 6CTA 5.9L

Diesel Generator Turbocharger Parameter:
1. Increase the engine power. When the engine displacement remains unchanged, the density of the intake air can be increased to allow the engine to inject more fuel, thereby increasing the power of the engine. The power and torque of the engine after adding a supercharger should increase by 20% to 30%. . On the contrary, under the requirement of the same power output, the cylinder diameter of the engine can be reduced, and the volume and weight of the engine can be reduced.
2. Improve engine emissions. Turbocharger engines reduce the discharge of harmful components such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in the engine exhaust by improving the combustion efficiency of the engine. It is an indispensable configuration for diesel engines to meet the emission standards above Euro II.
3. Provide the function of plateau compensation. In some high-altitude areas, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the engine with a turbocharger can overcome the power drop of the engine caused by the thin air on the plateau. Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. Due to the better combustion performance of the engine with a turbocharger, it can save 3%-5% of fuel.
4. Application for Heavy duty truck, buses, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway machinery, port machinery, stationary and mobile diesel generator set power stations, Marine propulsion unit and auxiliary power unit, pump power units and other power units, automobile industry power ships.


Product Name: Diesel Generator Turbocharger WH1E 3534019 3802663 Tractor Turbo for Cummins 6CTA 5.9L
Part Number: 3534019
Part Name: Turbocharger
Engine Model: Cumm​ins 6CTA 5.9L Diesel Engine
Application: Truck, Tractor, Forklift, Loader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Generator, Marine, ect.
Warranty: 6 months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, Bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express, 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 15 days for air, 30 days for sea/train
Services: 1. As for stock, we can provide sample
2. 24 hours online service
3. Provide PT Fuel System Agent service
4. OEM/ODM service and One-stop purchasing service

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