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Engine Exhaust Manifold 5263382 For Cummins Replacement

5263382 Engine Exhaust Manifold Parameter:
1. The exhaust manifold is connected to the cylinder block of the engine, and it collects the exhaust gas of each cylinder and leads it into the exhaust manifold, with a branched pipeline.
2. The exhaust manifold has good high temperature oxidation resistance, can withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance, tight interface, and can effectively prevent air leakage.
3. The thermal expansion coefficient of the exhaust manifold is small, which is beneficial to improve the performance and service life of the product.


Engine Exhaust Manifold 5263382 For Cummins Replacement

Product Name:5263382 Engine Exhaust Manifold Part No:5263382
Weight(kg):5.2​ Material: metal
Engine use: Cummins 3.8 engine Packing: Neutral or Original packing
Dimension(cm): 43x24x10 Country of origin :China

Cummins inc. (NYSE:CMI) was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Columbus, indiana.Cummins is the world's leading power equipment manufacturers, design, manufacture and distribution, including fuel systems, control systems, air intake treatment, filtration systems, exhaust gas treatment system and power system, engine and its related technology, and provide related after-sales service.Headquartered in Columbus, indiana, cummins provides services to customers through its 550 distribution agencies and over 5,000 dealer outlets across 160 countries and regions.

Chongqing cummins engine co., LTD.(CCEC) Is the United States cummins company joint venture in China, its leading products are cummins N, K and M11 three series diesel engine and diesel generator sets and Marine power units, power coverage range is 145-1343 - kw, widely used in heavy trucks, buses, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, generating set, Marine and rail vehicle dynamic matching field.


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