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Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Engine Parts 6L L375 Cylinder Head 5300890

Diesel Engine Parts Cylinder Head 5300890 Parameter:
1. Cylinder head sits on the top surface of the cylinder block. It is fixed with studs/bolts fixed to the block.A head gasket sits between the head and the block. It provides a tight, leak-proof joint.The head has a combustion chamber above each cylinder in which the combustion takes place.It also contains critical engine parts such as the valves, valve guides, spark plugs (petrol engines) or injectors (diesel engines). Besides, the head also has ports, oil passages and water jackets carved inside it to provide lubrication and cooling.
2. Cylinder heads are usually cast out of high-strength cast iron and then machined. Cylinder head structure assembly of Cummins NTA series diesel engine. It has intake and exhaust passages, cooling water passages and lubricating oil passages inside, and there are also parts on the cylinder head for installing fuel injectors, intake valves, exhaust valves, valve springs, valve seats, at least conduits and rocker chambers. holes and tapped holes.
3. The cylinder head is a double-cylinder structure, there is a rocker chamber on the cylinder head, and a gasket is used to seal between the cover and the chamber to prevent oil leakage. There is a "wet" water jacket in the hole where the injector is mounted. When working, the circulating cooling water in the water jacket of the body flows through the gap between the outer wall of the water jacket and the cylinder head, so that the fuel injection nozzle is well cooled. In order to prevent water leakage, there is a ring groove on the upper part of the water jacket, which is used to install an O-shaped rubber water seal.


Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Engine Parts 6L L375 Cylinder Head 5300890

Product Name: Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Engine Parts 6L L375 Cylinder Head 5300890
Part Number: 5300890​
Part Name: Cylinder Head
Engine Model: 6L Diesel Engine
Application: Truck, Tractor, Forklift, Loader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Generator, Marine, ect.
Warranty: 6 months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, Bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express, 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 15 days for air, 30 days for sea/train
1. As for stock, we can provide sample
2. 24 hours online service
3. Provide PT Fuel System Agent service
4. OEM/ODM service and One-stop purchasing service
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