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M11 Diesel Engine Parts HX55W Turbocharger 4036915

1. Heavy duty truck, buses, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway machinery, port machinery, stationary and mobile diesel generator set power stations, Marine propulsion unit and auxiliary power unit, pump power units and other power units, automobile industry power ships.
2. Turbos are composed of a shaft with a turbine wheel on one end and a compressor wheel on the other. These are covered by a snail-shaped housing featuring an inlet port, which the wasted exhaust gases enter at a high pressure. As the air passes through the turbine, the turbine spins and the compressor turns with it, drawing in vast quantities of air which are compressed and passed out of the outlet port.
3. The quality of the M11 Diesel Engine Parts HX55W Turbocharger 4036915 sold directly by the factory is more guaranteed, the process flow is stable and efficient, and one-stop services such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection are provided for our customers.


M11 Diesel Engine Parts HX55W Turbocharger 4036915

Products Description

Product Name: M11 Diesel Engine Parts HX55W Turbocharger 4036915
Part Number: 4036915
Part Name: Turbocharger
Engine Model: M11 Diesel Engine
Application: Truck, Tractor, Forklift, Loader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Generator, Marine, ect.
Warranty: 6 months
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, Bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express, 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 15 days for air, 30 days for sea/train
Services: 1. As for stock, we can provide sample
2. 24 hours online service
3. Provide PT Fuel System Agent service
4. OEM/ODM service and One-stop purchasing service

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What are the benefits of turbos?

Power: Turbos produce more power in the same sized engine. That’s because every stroke of the piston generates more power than in naturally-aspirated engines. This means that more cars are now fitted with smaller, turbocharged engines, replacing larger and less economical units.

Economy: Because turbochargers can produce the same power output as larger, naturally-aspirated engines, this paves the way for the use of smaller, lighter and more economical engines. Now, all modern diesel cars are fitted with a turbocharger, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.
Torque and Performance: Even on the smallest engines, turbochargers produce more torque, particularly lower down the rev range. This means cars benefit from strong, nippy performance, which is great around town and helps the engine to feel more refined at higher speeds on motorways and A roads. At low speeds, small turbocharged engines can outpace cars fitted with larger, naturally-aspirated engines, because of the torque they produce.
Quiet Engines: As the air in a turbocharged engine is filtered through more pipes and components, the intake and exhaust noise is reduced and refined, making for a quieter and smoother engine noise – perhaps one of the most unexpected benefits of a turbocharged engine.


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