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Maintenance points of diesel generator set lubrication system

June 20, 2022
The lubrication system of diesel generator sets mainly includes: oil sump, oil pump, fine filter, fine filter, cooler, main oil channel, oil injection valve, safety valve and regulator, etc. Its main task is to send clean, temperature-appropriate lubricating oil (oil) to each friction surface with a certain pressure for lubrication, so that a certain oil film layer is formed between two friction surfaces to avoid friction, reduce friction resistance, reduce mechanical wear and tear, reduce power consumption, thus improving the reliability and durability of diesel generator sets. Strengthen the maintenance of diesel generator set lubrication system, help to extend the service life of diesel generator set and ensure its stable performance, the following top Bo will introduce you to the diesel generator set lubrication system maintenance points.
1, choose the right oil
Generally speaking, each diesel engine manual specifies the type of lubricant used in the machine, in the use of the process should pay attention to this, if in the use of the process, there is no manual specified in the lubricant, you can choose a similar brand of lubricant to use, different brands of oil should not be mixed.
2、The amount of oil should be suitable
Every time before starting the engine should check the oil level to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range, if the oil level is too low, it is easy to cause the unit to increase wear, resulting in burning tile, pulling cylinder failure; and if the oil level is too high, the oil is easy to flee into the cylinder, resulting in combustion chamber carbon, piston ring bonding, exhaust blue smoke, etc.; therefore, when the crankshaft oil is insufficient, should be added to the specified oil level, to exclude and replace the oil, in Add oil, use a clean funnel with a filter to prevent impurities into the crankcase, affecting the normal work of the generator set.
3, the oil pressure is properly adjusted
Each diesel engine has its own oil pressure, when the engine is turned on to rated speed or medium speed, within 1 minute, the oil pressure should rise to the specified value, otherwise the cause should be identified, so that the oil pressure is adjusted to the specified value range.
4、Check the quality of the oil frequently during the use
(1) mechanical impurities check: check the mechanical impurities in the oil should be carried out when the engine is hot (at this time impurities floating in the oil), check, pull out the oil scale against the light to see, such as found on the oil scale there are tiny particles or can not see the oil scale on the engraved line, it means that the oil contains too many impurities, in addition, can also be used to twist the oil to see if there are particles, to determine whether the oil can be used, if the oil shows If the oil is black or there are too many impurities, the oil should be replaced and the oil filter should be cleaned.
(2) oil viscosity check: check the oil viscosity, the accurate method is to use the viscometer to determine, but usually more commonly used method is: the oil on the finger twist, such as sticky feeling, and elongated silk phenomenon, that the oil viscosity appropriate, otherwise, said oil viscosity is not enough, should identify the causes and replace the oil.
5、Regular cleaning of lubrication system and oil replacement
1)Cleaning timing
Oil filter regular cleaning: oil basin, oil channel is generally carried out when the oil is replaced.
2)Cleaning method
a. Drain the oil when the engine is warm (the oil viscosity is small, impurities floating in the oil), so as to remove the impurities in the oil basin, oil channel and oil filter as much as possible.
b. In the oil basin to add a mixture of oil (in the engine oil mixed with 15% to 20% of kerosene, or by diesel: oil = 9: 1 ratio of the mixture), the number of 60% to 70% of the capacity of the lubrication system is appropriate.
c. Make the diesel engine run at low speed for 5~8min, the oil pressure should be above 0.5kgf/cm.
d. Stop the engine and drain the oil mixture.
e. Clean the oil filter, screen, oil radiator and crankcase, and add new oil.