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75kw Open Silent Trailer Diesel Generator For Sale

Junvoch 75kw generator set introduction:
1. The 75kw engine generator set supplied by Junvoch has excellent performance and easy maintenance.
2. Junvoch provides customers with professional services such as unit capacity selection, machine room design, technical installation guidance and commissioning.
3. Each power segment can provide standard units, silent units, vehicle-mounted and trailer units, and can realize fixed, mobile, automatic, low-noise, multi-machine parallel, emergency power supply vehicles and other power supply schemes.
4. 75kw diesel generator set are widely used in factories, railways, mines, buildings, venues and other major scenes. 


75kw Open Silent Trailer Diesel Generator For Sale

Junvoch specializes in the research and development and production of diesel engines and their end products. The engines are selected from the world-renowned brand Cummins, which has better performance and quality among similar products, and has rich industry experience in the supply and maintenance of spare parts. 

75kw Generator Set
Dimensions: 2150(mm)×900(mm)×1450(mm) Generator set weight: 1200kg
Standby power (50HZ) 82KW /103KVA
Main power (50HZ) 75KW / 94KVA
Voltage stability range: ≥±5% Steady-state voltage regulation: ≤±1%
Transient voltage deviation (100% sudden power reduction): ≤+25% Transient voltage deviation (sudden power): ≤-20%
Voltage stabilization time (100% sudden power reduction): ≤6S Voltage stabilization time (sudden power): ≤6S
Steady-state frequency regulation rate: ≤5% Frequency volatility: ≤2.5%
Transient frequency deviation (100% sudden power reduction): ≤+12% Transient frequency deviation (sudden power): ≤-10%
Frequency recovery time (100% sudden power reduction): ≤5S Frequency recovery time (sudden power): ≤5S
DCEC Cummins 6BT5.9-G Engine parameters
Manufacturer/Model: DCEC Cummins 6BT5.9-G, 4 stroke engine Intake system: Exhaust turbo
Fuel system: A/AD type fuel pump Number of cylinders: inline 6 cylinders
Displacement: 5.9L Bore X Stroke: 102×120(mm)
Compression ratio: 17.5 Rated speed: 1500rpm
Maximum engine power: 92KW / 125HP Speed control system: RSV speed control
Smoke exhaust: 16.8m3/min Exhaust temperature: 565℃
Maximum allowable exhaust back pressure: 10kPa Maximum allowable intake pressure: 6.35kPa
Gas volume: 6.48m3/min Air flow: 158m3/min
Total oil capacity: 16.4L Oil consumption: ≤4g/kwh
Oil pan oil capacity: 14.2L Rated speed oil pressure: 345kPa
75kw Generator parameters
Number of Phases: 3 Connection method: three-phase four-wire, "Y" type winding
Number of bearings: 1 Power factor: 0.8
Protection class: IP23 Altitude requirements: ≤1000m
Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation Insulation class/temperature rise class: H/H
Telephone Influence Factor TIF: <50 Telephone harmonic factor THF: <2%
Steady-state voltage regulation: ≤±1% Generator capacity: 100KVA
Generator Efficiency: 90.40% Cooling air flow: 0.514m3/s

The standard configuration of the 75KW diesel engine group is as follows:

1. Direct injection 75KW internal combustion engine (diesel)
2. AC synchronous generator (single bearing)
3. Self-starting controller, battery charger (200kW and above)
4. Instrument controller (below 200kW)
5. Radiator tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety guard
6. Molded case or frame circuit breakers
7. Maintenance-free battery and battery cable
8. Steel base with built-in composite shock absorbers
9. Exhaust elbow, exhaust bellows, exhaust muffler
10. Thickened plastic film packaging
11. 75kw diesel generator manual


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