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KTA19 G8 Water Cooled 60HZ Power Generator Set 625kva Genset For Sale

Water Cooled Genset Parameter:

Name Water cooled diesel generator set
Brand/Model Cummins KTA19-G8
Frequency 50HZ
Fuel Tank 8-10hours
Warranty 1 Year
Rated Current 900A
Rated Voltage 400/230V(adjustable)
Type Open
Speed 1500/1800RPM



KTA19 G8 Water Cooled 60HZ Power Generator Set 625kva Genset For Sale

Water Cooled Genset AC650-II
Voltage 230V/400V
Engine KTA19-G8
Prime Power/Standby Power ---KW/520KW
Alternator Famous brand
Controller Famous brand
Circuit Breaker Famous brand
Type Open/Silent
Fuel Tank Base Tank,External Daily Fuel Tank
Optional supporting products Moveable/Trailer Type Diesel Generator /Synchronization System Automatic Transfer Switch /Dummy Load Day Tank

Water Cooled Diesel Generator Set Supply Scope

1. Engine: Brand-new engine.
2. Alternator: Brand new brushless alternator, single bearing, IP23, H insulation class.
3. Base Frame: Heavy duty steel channel base frame.
4. Radiator: With safety guard.
5. Vibration Damper Vibration damper between Engine/Alternator and base frame
6. Breaker: 3-pole output manual circuit breaker as standard, 4 poles for option
7. Controller: DSE6120, DSE7320, DSE8610 and other deepsea models, Comap MRS10, MRS16, AMF20, AMF25 for option.
8. Silencer: Heavy duty industrial type silencer with flexible bellow,elbow.
9. Battery: Varta Brand,high capacity sealed maintenance free battery c/w battery cables.
10. Fuel Tank: 8 hours base fuel tank
11. Tool Kits & Manuals: Standard tool kits and complete operation/maintenance/manuals for Generator/Engine/Alternator/control panel, etc.

With Cummins engine KTA19-G8 generators diesel 500kw/625kva 60HZ. It is adopted the B,N,K series engine(sino-us JVC),and widely used in army,engineering,mining industry,more reliable,economic.As the top one of JVC in China diesel gen-sets industry,Donfeng Cummins Engine Co,Ltd (for B,C,L series)&Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd(for M.N.K series) are its branches.

Hubei Junvoch Industrial & Trade Co., LtdHubei Junvoch Industrial & Trade Co., LtdHubei Junvoch Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd

Engine Feature for Cummins 60HZ 625 kva diesel generator

1. Diesel, heavy-duty, four stroke, water cooled and direct injection fuel system
2. 24/12V D.C starter and charger alternator
3. Industrial capacity exhaust silencer supplied loose with flexible section

4. Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard

5. Steel wire braided fuel lines, vent and rain fittings

6. Set mounted acid battery installed with leads and terminals


Alternator Feature for Cummins 60HZ 625 kva diesel generator

1. Brushless self excited, single bearing, 4 poles
2. Class H insulation
3. IP21/23 protection standard
4. Self-exciting and self-regulating

5. Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)


Control System for Cummins 60HZ 625 kva diesel generator

1. manual / auto start and protection module
2. Equipped with Deep Sea,ComAp,Harsen,Smartgen famous control systems.

3. New integrated controllers in manual and remote start application.

4. Featuring full gen-set monitoring and protection.

5. Powerful graphic display, Icons, symbols and bar graphs

6. High functionality set new standards in gen-set control.

7. Special low temperature version is also available.

8. Allowing the display to work up to -30°C.


Factory Overview

Hubei Junvoch Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd





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