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A brief description of the hazards of low load generator operation

July 27, 2022
   The following are the five major hazards of diesel generator sets for rent in Dongguan under low load operation.
  1, up to the cylinder part of the oil involved in combustion, part of the oil can not be completely burned, in the valve, intake tract, top, ring and other places to form carbon, and part of it with the exhaust. In this way, oil will gradually accumulate in the exhaust channel of the cylinder liner, and carbon will also be formed.
  2, the supercharger's booster chamber lubricating oil accumulates to a certain extent, it will leak out from the supercharger's bonding surface.
  3, the cylinder liner seal is not good, the oil up and into the chamber, the exhaust blue smoke.
  4, for supercharged diesel engines, due to low load, no load, low boost pressure, easy to cause the supercharger oil seal (non-type) sealing effect decreases, oil fleeing into the boost chamber, along with the intake air into the cylinder;.
  5, long-term small load operation, will lead to increased wear of moving parts, engine deterioration and other consequences of early overhaul period. Generator manufacturers will be other forms of energy into electrical machinery and equipment. Foreign diesel engine manufacturers regardless of the use of naturally aspirated or supercharged models are stressed that the low load / no load running time should be minimized, and the minimum load can not be less than 25%-30% of the rated power of the unit.
  The long full load running time of diesel generator sets can not only improve their performance and find out the safety hazards, but also avoid accidents. The following are some specific considerations for the operation of the unit.
  1, before starting: Each time before starting the engine must check whether the cooling water or antifreeze in the diesel engine water tank is missing, such as lack of to fill up. Lubricant oil scale to check whether the oil is missing, such as the lack of to be added to the static full scale line, and then carefully check the relevant components have no hidden problems, such as the discovery of faults to be promptly removed before starting the engine.
  2, pay attention to the operating condition of the operation: Cummins diesel generator, single bearing, 4 poles, brushless, anti-drip structure, insulation level H, suitable for GB766, BS5000, IEC34-1 level requirements. The generator can be used in the sand and salt, seawater and chemical corrosion. Generator set in operation, to have a person on duty, often pay attention to observe a series of possible failures, especially to pay attention to the lubricant pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, and other important factors of change. Also pay attention to the availability of sufficient diesel fuel, in operation, such as fuel interruptions, objectively caused by parking with load, may be the generator excitation control and related components damage.
  3, it is strictly prohibited to start the diesel engine with a load: diesel generator set to diesel engine as the prime mover, towing synchronous generator power generation of a power supply equipment. Is a rapid start, easy to use, less investment, adaptable to strong performance of the power generation device. Diesel engine before starting to pay attention to the generator's output air switch must be in the closed state. Ordinary generator diesel engine start after 3-5 minutes of idling (700 rpm or so) winter temperatures are low, idling time to appropriate minutes. Diesel engine after starting the first to observe whether the lubricant pressure is normal and there is no oil leakage, water leakage and other abnormal phenomena, (under normal circumstances lubricant pressure must be above 0.2MPa) if found abnormal to immediately shut down for maintenance. If there is no abnormal phenomenon will diesel r/min to rated r/min 1500 rpm, at this time the generator shows 50 Hz, voltage 400V, then you can close the output air switch into use. Generator set does not allow long periods of no-load operation. (Because a long time no-load operation will make the diesel injector nozzle of diesel can not be completely carbon, resulting in valve, ring leakage.) If it is an automated generator set, it does not need to idle, because automated units are generally equipped with water heaters, so that the diesel engine block is always kept at about 45 ℃, the diesel engine can be started in 8-15 seconds after the normal power supply.
  4, is strictly prohibited to stop with load: generator manufacturers before each shutdown, you must first gradually cut off the load, and then shut down the diesel generator set. Changsha generator rental in order to extend the service life of the diesel generator set, better play its function, we should pay attention to the correct operation and maintenance, reduce the low load / no-load running time and the minimum load unit can not be less than 25%-30% of the rated power.