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Generator-related faults and drying methods

July 27, 2022
   We will encounter a number of generator failure problems when the generator rental, such as generator speed instability, swimming phenomenon and in the process of generator disassembly has a lot of attention, the next Dongguan generator rental manufacturers Yatong Xiaobian will introduce you to the generator-related failures and drying methods for your reference.
  A, generator-related faults and solutions
  Diesel generator speed unstable reasons
  1, the idle speed is not stable, mostly caused by a fault in the governor. The main reasons for the occurrence of the following.
  (1) fly ball wear
  (2) idle spring elasticity deterioration or improper adjustment
  (3) improper adjustment of the speed stabilizer spring
  (4) low-pressure oil supply is not smooth or contains water and air
  (5) The cone bearing of the camshaft supporting the injection pump is worn out too much
  (6) uneven oil supply from the injection pump, improper oil supply or poor oil spray
  (7) Insufficient cylinder compression force
  2, "swimming" refers to the diesel generator in the range of low and medium speed cycle longer and more regular fast and slow phenomenon, which is the result of excessive lag in speed response to the actual speed change. The causes are mainly the following.
  (1) The internal lever of the governor is loosened due to the wear of the connecting pin hole
  (2) The oil supply gear lever is not flexible enough
  (3) improper adjustment of the speed stabilizer spring
  Second, the generator rental: the generator drying
  Newly installed synchronous generators, before running, should generally be drying. If the insulation resistance to meet the requirements, can not be dried, but the start of operation within 24h load preferably not more than 50% of the rated capacity.
  Whenever the generator in operation is stopped for maintenance or is out of service for more than the specified limit and the insulation resistance is lower than the specified value, drying must be carried out. If it is determined that the surface is damp, drying can be carried out with the load drying method. Any generator that is wet due to water immersion or steam pipe leakage must be dried.