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Easy maintenance of diesel generator sets

May 17, 2022
Regular maintenance of diesel generator sets is a good way to prolong the service life of diesel generator sets and improve the efficiency of diesel generator sets. There are many maintenance methods and maintenance methods for generator sets. Remember the following 16 items, so that you can easily learn how to maintain diesel oil, generator set.
1. Keep the outside of the diesel generator set clean, and wipe off the oil with a rag at any time.
2. Before starting the diesel generator set, check the fuel quantity, oil quantity and cooling water consumption of the generator set, and keep the No. 0 diesel oil enough to run for 24 hours; the oil level is close to the oil dipstick (HI), and it is not enough to be replenished; the water level of the water tank is under the water cover 50mm is not enough to top up.
3. Start the battery: check the battery once every 50 hours. The battery electrolyte is 10-15 mm higher than the plate. If it is insufficient, add distilled water to make up for it. Use a hydrometer to read 1, 28 (25 ° C). The battery voltage remains above 24 volts.
4. Oil filter: After the diesel generator set runs for 250 hours, the oil filter must be replaced to ensure its performance is in good condition. For the specific replacement time, refer to the generator set operation record.
5. Fuel filter: After the generator set works for 250 hours, replace the fuel filter.
6. Water tank: After the generator set works for 250 hours, the water tank should be cleaned once.
7. Air filter: After the generator set works for 250 hours, remove it for cleaning, blow out dust, clean it, and then install it after drying; after 500 hours of operation, replace the air filter.
8. Oil: After the generator runs for 250 hours, the oil must be changed.
9. Cooling water: Replace it after the generator set works for 250 hours. Antirust fluid must be added when changing the water.
10. Three leather angle belt: Check the V-belt every 400 hours, press the belt with a force of about 45N (45Kgf) at the middle point of the loose edge of the V-belt, and its sinking should be 10mm, otherwise adjust it. If the V-belt is worn, it needs to be replaced. If the two middle roots are damaged, the second one needs to be replaced.
11. Valve clearance: Check and adjust the valve clearance every 250 hours of operation.
12. Turbocharger: The turbocharger housing needs to be cleaned every 250 hours of operation.
13. Fuel injector: Replace the fuel injector every 1200 hours of operation.
14. Medium repair: every 3000 hours of operation, medium repair is carried out. The specific inspection contents are as follows:
       1) Hang the cylinder head and clean the cylinder head;
       2) Clean and grind the air valve;
       3) Replace the fuel injector;
       4) Regular inspection and adjustment of fuel supply;
       5) Measurement of the gear difference of the oil shaft;
       6) Determination of cylinder liner wear.​​
       15. Overhaul: Every 6000 hours of operation, overhaul is carried out. The specific overhaul content:
       1) The maintenance content of the middle repair;
       2) Take out the piston, connecting rod, clean the piston, measure the piston ring groove, and replace the piston ring;
       3) Crankshaft wear measurement and crankshaft bearing inspection;
       4) Clean the cooling system.
       16. Circuit breaker and cable connection point: Remove the side plate of the generator and fasten the fixing screws of the circuit breaker. The power output and the cable lug lock screw are fastened. Once a year.