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Generator manufacturers to teach you how to choose diesel generator set two oil a liquid

June 17, 2022
Generally speaking, the "two oils" of the diesel generator set refers to the engine lubricating oil (oil) and unit fuel (diesel), a "liquid" refers to the engine antifreeze (coolant), their selection is directly related to the performance of the diesel generator set, and also affects the life of the unit. At the same time also affects the service life of the unit, so users must make a good choice!
Engine lubricating oil is also known as "engine oil". It can play the engine lubrication and wear reduction, auxiliary cooling and cooling, sealing and leakage prevention, rust and corrosion prevention and other functions. Engine oil is prone to accumulate impurities after a long time, and if not replaced in time, it will lead to engine wear. On the selection of oil, according to the engine manual requirements for selection, should choose multi-stage oil, while taking into account the seasonal temperature factors, more attention should be paid to the quality of oil, strictly prevent counterfeit and shoddy, the quality of oil directly affects the operating condition of diesel generator sets, the user should avoid the use of non-standard oil, while timely replacement of deteriorated engine oil.
In the selection of oil, users must pay attention to two indicators, one is the oil quality level (performance level), the other is the viscosity level, the oil level represents the level of oil additives, because the additives will be gradually consumed over time, so the user should choose sufficient level of oil to ensure that the engine is reliably protected throughout the oil change cycle.
The quality of the fuel has a great impact on the performance, durability and engine life of the diesel generator set. The grade of diesel fuel is divided according to the temperature. According to the experiment, the liquidity of diesel fuel becomes poor at 0℃ and is called No.0 diesel fuel. Users should choose the diesel fuel grade reasonably according to the local minimum temperature, neither excessive saving nor waste, for example, the minimum temperature in the area above 5℃, you can choose No.0 diesel fuel. Select diesel fuel, must be used in line with the provisions of clean diesel fuel, do not greedy cheap plus "private oil".
Diesel generator set antifreeze, the main role is to maintain the diesel generator set stable in the appropriate working temperature. Many diesel generator set failures are due to problems with the cooling system. The choice of antifreeze should follow the "one high, one low", choose antifreeze than the lowest temperature and then 10 degrees Celsius; secondly, we should pay attention to the boiling point of antifreeze, choose antifreeze with a higher boiling point.
Note: different brands and models of antifreeze can not be mixed!
Diesel generator manufacturers warm tips: If you want to diesel generator set can maintain stable performance for a long time, extend the service life, the user should develop good habits, follow the correct maintenance, problems to timely maintenance, if they can not solve, please promptly look for formal channels for maintenance.