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Should I change the valve oil seal when removing the valve of the diesel generator set?

June 23, 2022
Oil seal is a mechanical component of sealing grease, commonly used in various mechanical bearings, and its function is to isolate the parts that need lubrication from the outside world so that the lubricant will not leak. And diesel generator sets have relative movement between the valve stem and valve guide, there must be a certain clearance, so measures must be taken to control the appropriate amount of oil for lubrication. The common method is to have oil retainers installed on the valve stem or valve spring, they disengage the oil from the valve stem and prevent the oil from gathering at the top of the valve guide.
Active duct oil seals are another way to control the flow of oil. Active duct oil seals are small oil seals that fit tightly around the valve stem and are held on the stem by small springs or clips. Normally most of the oil flowing through the valve guides is blocked by these oil seals. Passive oil seals include O-rings and umbrella valve stem oil seals. These seals are mostly used in newer engines, but not in older engines where the valve stems are worn.
Top Bo power suggests diesel generator set valve oil seal in the disassembly of the valve is best to change together, because this part is very cheap, a new one is not much money, but the role is very large, if the valve oil seal oil seepage burning oil degree is not lower than the cylinder, and replacement of the oil seal is very troublesome, it is better to change the insurance. And valve oil seal in the disassembly will also be damaged, resulting in a poor seal, the oil down to the combustion chamber, resulting in burning oil, resulting in diesel generator set 2 times disassembly, since this change is better than a direct one-time change, save effort and money.
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