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The diesel of diesel generator set will deteriorate after a long time. How should users maintain it?

June 06, 2022
Diesel is the main fuel for diesel generator sets, and it is an important working medium for diesel generator sets to do mechanical work. In order to make diesel generator sets have higher reliability and lower fuel consumption, remind users to choose the correct one according to the ambient temperature. Clean diesel. Due to the inevitable fluctuations in the price of diesel in the market, many users will choose to buy a large amount of diesel at one time. Although this has a certain effect on operating costs, the risks still exist, such as the degradation and deterioration of diesel caused by improper storage. The diesel will no longer be used, so the user should learn to maintain the diesel properly.
When did diesel start to go bad?
Diesel is a light petroleum product, a mixture of complex hydrocarbons (approximately 10 to 22 carbon atoms) that naturally begins an oxidation process once it leaves the refinery. Without diesel additives, diesel can deteriorate 30 days before oxidation, creating deposits that can be harmful to fuel injectors, fuel lines and other system components that can compromise fuel economy and performance.
Diesel fuel containing fuel additives can be stored for six months to one year in clean, cool and dry conditions without significant fuel degradation. It is worth noting that the shelf life of any fuel will vary depending on its conditions. Prolonged storage of diesel fuel requires ensuring that it is purchased from a reliable supplier, that the proper fuel quality and stability are obtained with additives, and that the fuel has been regularly tested, maintained, and polishing.
Do diesel storage tanks need maintenance?
Maintenance of diesel storage tanks is equally important. Top Power recommends that you keep the space inside the tank to a minimum to prevent moisture build-up. To comply with emissions regulations, some diesel blends contain biodiesel, which tends to have higher levels of water. If not separated from the fuel, water can pass through the system and into the injectors.
Where should diesel fuel be stored?
One thing to consider when storing diesel fuel safely is storing it in a segregated area. If placed on the ground, users should consider awnings, or other forms of enclosures, to block moisture and reduce light reaching the tank. If the fuel tank is located under the diesel generator set, make sure it is placed on a raised surface for easy and safe access.
How to maintain diesel?
The use of biocides and stabilization treatments can extend the life of the fuel. Biocides stop the growth of any bacteria that form harmful deposits. Fuel stabilization treatments prevent diesel fuel from breaking down chemically. Fuel polishing can also be used as a tool to clean diesel. Fuel is drawn from the tank by a pump system and circulated through a series of filters that remove any water and particulates.
Also, make sure the tank is kept full to reduce condensation space in the tank, thus reducing the amount of water. Diesel fuel treatment can also be used to break demulsification or separate water from the fuel.
Through the above introduction, I believe that users have a further understanding of the diesel oil of diesel generator sets. In addition, Dingbo Power reminds you: users should buy fuel from regular channels, and do not mix gasoline, alcohol or alcohol-gasoline mixed fuel into diesel oil. Otherwise, it will cause an explosion and cause a safety accident.