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What are the hazards caused by leaking valves of diesel generator sets?

June 23, 2022
Diesel generator set valve is usually made of high quality alloy steel, it is the valve of the intake and exhaust tract, which needs to work under strong mechanical load as well as high temperature and chemical corrosion, so the installation must be careful and cautious, do not make the valve leak, otherwise it will bring many hazards, affecting the working characteristics of the diesel generator set and the economy of use of the unit, therefore, diesel generator set maintenance and use Therefore, the diesel generator maintenance and use of diesel generator valve leakage to pay great attention to.
The harm of diesel generator valve leakage
Diesel generator valve leakage will cause engine cylinder leakage, increased fuel consumption, poor combustion of fuel in the cylinder, exhaust smoke or air filter fugitive gas, serious engine starting difficulties, and even make the engine work balance is damaged, the movement process often appears abnormal vibration.
Diesel generator valve leakage in the high-temperature airflow, valve head and valve seat is soon ablated, so that the mechanical strength decreases, and then wear, deformation, so that air leakage more serious and increased carbon, resulting in a vicious cycle.
If the exhaust valve leakage, and meet the exhaust pipe carbon blockage exhaust not smooth, valve guide rod and conduit gap is too large, there will be part of the high-temperature exhaust gas along the valve guide rod and valve conduit gap flushing lubricant into the valve chamber, pollution of the valve chamber, so that the valve chamber rocker parts poor lubrication, temperature rise, adhesion of carbon, accelerating the generator set gas distribution mechanism wear and damage.
If the intake valve leakage, air leakage cylinder in the compression process, compression temperature can not make the timing of the oil sprayed into the natural firing, and part of the combustible mixture through the intake valve leakage gap back into the suction port, intake pipe, and then in the next cycle of the intake stroke re-inhaled cylinder, when the work stroke cylinder and sprayed into the constant amount of fuel, these accumulations of fuel and combustible mixture will occur combustion, so that the engine work Rough, knocking sound.
If it is a multi-cylinder engine, when a cylinder intake valve leakage, backflow into the intake pipe combustible mixture or exhaust gas will be sucked into other cylinders, so that the work of other cylinders are also affected.
Diesel generator valve leakage failure, such as the diesel generator repair in time to re-grind the valve, restore its sealing, in a short period of time will develop into valve seat, valve head cone, valve rod root ablation, resulting in the need to replace the new parts and the risk of valve breakage into the cylinder and the potential for damage to the machine parts. Therefore, the top Bo power to remind users must be correctly installed valve, while the valve in the open box and transport process, shall not bump, in the process of use, shall not overload and bear additional additional force, otherwise it will make the valve deformation failure, resulting in early damage, causing serious harm.