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What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a standby diesel generator set?

June 06, 2022
The standby diesel generator is a backup power supply equipment during overloading and unexpected power failure. Enterprise infrastructure investment, so what factors should users consider when looking for a high-quality backup diesel generator set?
First of all, if you choose the wrong diesel generator power, you may face the risk of premature failure, capacity overload, shortened equipment life and danger. Therefore, there are still many factors to consider when purchasing a backup generator, especially when selecting power. If your business or plant is considering purchasing a new backup diesel generator (or replacing an existing one), you need to make sure it's the right wattage.
In the diesel generator set market, there are many major brands to choose from, including Yuchai, Shangchai, Cummins, Volvo and other top series diesel generator sets. When you make a purchasing decision, you need to determine your power generation needs to choose the most suitable diesel generator set. The power range of industrial diesel generator sets available in the general market ranges from 20kW to 3000kW. Engines range from around 150HP to around 4000HP, and you'll also need to decide whether you want a single-phase or three-phase generator.
Therefore, for new buyers, before purchasing a diesel generator set, try to understand the meaning of standby, motor start, single-phase or three-phase, kW or KVA of the unit.
First, you need to understand that there are a variety of generator powers to choose from. These categories are divided by power capacity level, for industrial use, generator power ranging from 20kW up to 3000kW, or a small power plant. As a rule of thumb, it is better to choose more power as needed than assumed. In an emergency, having more capacity is much better than not having enough.
Second, the fuel type needs to be considered. Diesel can be used in all environments. For example, in very cold environments, diesel is a better choice because it is less prone to freezing. Considering these possibilities can help choose the right machine for most situations a business may face.
Third, a reliable generator brand. Generally speaking, enterprises need to equip diesel generators because the main power supply is unstable, often power outages, or the public grid power supply system is cut off due to some repair or maintenance, or it is a backup power supply system used as a preventive measure, For example, emergency power supply for elevators in high-rise buildings. No matter what it is used for, when the mains power is suddenly cut off, the diesel generator set can start normally without failure, so don't use cheap, unknown brands to save a few yuan. Working with an established generator manufacturer that has been tested and has a proven track record will avoid problems of one kind or another during the operation of the unit that will affect the power supply.
When purchasing a backup generator, a lot of details and technical know-how should be investigated. For the three points mentioned above, it is the key to choosing a diesel generator, and it is crucial to whether you can choose the most suitable diesel generator. Important factor.