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What is the reason why the power of the diesel generator set will decrease after a long time of use?

June 01, 2022
Many users have reported that the power of the diesel generator set will drop after a period of use. After inspection, the generator set is all normal. Why is this? Why is the power of diesel generator sets not always stable? Will the power of the unit decrease over time?
      The technician said that after a period of use of diesel generator sets, there is a problem of power drop, which is actually a common normal phenomenon of diesel generator sets. We all know that when the power part of the diesel generator set is working, some parts are in During high-speed operation, there will be friction between parts and parts, and if there is friction, there will be wear. Over time, these parts gradually lose their original size and geometry. This phenomenon is generally called "natural wear and tear", which is an unavoidable phenomenon, but if you can do a good job in the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets. Checking the fuel oil of the diesel generator set, as well as the humidity and temperature of the diesel generator set room, etc., can effectively reduce the wear and tear and prolong the service life of the diesel generator set.
       In addition to the above-mentioned "natural wear and tear" that will cause the power of the diesel generator set to drop, the following three reasons may also affect the power of the generator set:
       1. The air filter is not regularly maintained/replaced, which leads to excessive dirt attached to the air filter, which increases the intake resistance, affects the intake air, and reduces the power of the unit. At this time, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced. device.
       2. The diesel filter is too dirty. We all know that the function of the diesel filter is to filter out harmful impurities and moisture in the fuel system, reduce the wear and tear of the parts of the unit, and avoid blockage. If the diesel filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it is bound to It will affect the filtering effect of the fuel, and at the same time, the fuel injection volume is not enough, resulting in a decrease in the power of the unit. Tingbo Electric reminds the majority of users to replace or clean the diesel filter regularly.
       3. When the diesel generator set starts, the ignition time is not correct, and the user must adjust it.
       Diesel generator sets will decrease in power with the passage of time. There are natural factors and man-made factors in the mid-term. This requires users to carry out regular maintenance and overhaul of the generator set, find problems in time, and deal with them in time. Ensure the efficient operation of the unit.