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100kw Open Silent Trailer Diesel Generator Set

100kw Silent Diesel Generator Set Performance Characteristics:
1. Junvoch is a Chinese diesel generator set brand manufacturer integrating design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of diesel engine sets.
2. The diesel engine adopts Cummins' patented PT fuel system, which meets environmental emission requirements and has higher durability, power and fuel economy.
3. Adopt forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder block design, low failure rate of parts and long service life.
4. Adapt to harsh working conditions, high strength, strong working ability under heavy load.
5. Compliant with international standard certification and industry implementation certification, relevant silent 100kw diesel generator set operation and maintenance manuals, atlas manuals, certificates of conformity, and complete test reports.


100kw Open Silent Trailer Diesel Generator Set

​Silent Diesel Generator Set Parameters
Standby power (KW):100 Common power (KW):90
100KW diesel generator set size (mm): 2300x800x1300 LP7m Noise (dB): 102
Generator set weight (KG): 1500 Speed (r/min): 1500
Fuel consumption (g/kw.h): 211 Frequency (HZ): 50
Transient voltage regulation rate: ≤-15%/+20% Steady-state voltage regulation rate: ≤±1%
Voltage stabilization time: ≤3sec Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤0.5%
Voltage waveform distortion: ≤8% Steady-state frequency regulation rate: ≤5%
Transient frequency adjustment rate: ≤-10%/+12% Frequency stabilization time: 3sec
Frequency volatility: ≤1.5%  
Engine Parameters
Diesel Engine Brand: Cummins Diesel Engine Manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Diesel engine model: 6BTA5.9-G2 Standby power (KW): 116
Number of cylinders/arrangement: 6 cylinders/in-line Compression ratio: 17.5:1
Bore*stroke (mm): 102*120 Displacement (L): 5.9
Oil pressure (kPa): 345 Oil temperature (℃):≤121
Oil Capacity (L): 16.4 Coolant capacity (L): 20 (engine only)
Fuel system: PB inline pump Cooling method: closed water cooling cycle
Speed control mode: electronic speed control Start mode: DC24V electric start
Intake mode: supercharged, water-air cooling Type: four stroke
Constant load steady state fluctuation rate: ±0.25% Power deviation: ≤±5%
Alternator Parameters
Generator Manufacturer: Cummins Capacity: 120KVA
Voltage: 400V/230V Type: brushless self-excited
Number of phases: three-phase four-wire Wiring: Y type connection
Insulation class: H class Power factor: cosφ=0.8 lag
Telephone Influence Factor: TIF:<50 Telephone harmonic coefficient: THF: <2%
Protection class: IP23  

The standard configuration of the silent diesel generator set is as follows:
Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel);
AC synchronous generator (single bearing);
Suitable for 40℃-50℃ radiator water tank, belt-driven cooling fan, fan safety shield;
Power output air switch, standard control panel;
Unit steel common base (including: unit vibration damping rubber pad);
Dry air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starter motor, and equipped with self-charging generator;
Start battery and battery start connecting cable;
Industrial mufflers and standard parts for connection
Random information: original technical documents of diesel engine and generator, generator set manual, test report, etc.

Optional accessories:
Oil, diesel, water jacket, anti-condensation heater
Split daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank
Battery float charger
Rainproof unit (cabinet)
Self-protection, self-starting unit control panel
Quiet unit (cabinet)
Mobile trailer type power station (container trailer)
ATS automatic load switching screen
Silent mobile power station (cabinet trailer)


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