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Pickup Truck 4BT 3.9 6B Water Pumps 3802358 Antiwear

Application: Heavy duty truck, buses, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway machinery, port machinery, stationary and mobile diesel generator set power stations, Marine propulsion unit and auxiliary power unit, pump power units and other power units, automobile industry power ships.
Warranty: 6 months
Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, Alipay, bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 15 days for air, 30 days for sea/train
1. As for stock, we can provide sample
2. 24 hours online service
3. Provide PT Fuel System Agent service
4. OEM/ODM service and One-stop purchasing service



Product Name: Cummins Water Pump 3802358
Model Number: 3802358
car engine parts, Truck engine parts, Marine engine parts, Machinery engine parts etc
Warranty: 6 months
Payment terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
Shipping: By sea, by air, by express etc
Services: 1. As for stock, we can provide sample
2. 24 hours online service
3. Provide PT Fuel System Agent service
4. OEM/ODM service and One-stop purchasing service

About Cummins:

Since 1919, Cummins has proven the dependability of its products. You own the best engine. Whether you’re repaving an interstate, mining for copper, harvesting a thousand acres of wheat or running 80,000 pounds’ worth of cargo cross-country, you need performance and productivity. That’s why you bought Cummins-powered equipment in the first place.

Keep it running for years to come by using only the best parts. Genuine Cummins new or ReCon® parts are built to meet or exceed your engine’s original specifications for performance, reliability and durability. Choosing Genuine Cummins parts means less downtime, lower operating costs and better engine performance.


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