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Aftermarket Fan Belt Tensioner Pulley 5262500

Fan Belt Tensioner Pulley 5262500 Parameter:
1. The ,fan belt tensioner pulley is a very important part in the belt drive system. If there is no tensioner, the loose belt will slip and lose its transmission function.
2. The tensioner pulley is mainly composed of a fixed casing, a tensioning arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring bearing bushing.
3. The function of the fan belt tensioner is to adjust the tightness of the belt, reduce the vibration of the belt during operation and prevent the belt from slipping to a certain extent, so as to ensure the normal and stable operation of the transmission system.


Aftermarket Fan Belt Tensioner Pulley 5262500


Aftermarket Fan Belt Tensioner Pulley 5262500
Aftermarket Fan Belt Tensioner Pulley 5262500

Product Name:
Auto Parts Diesel Engine Parts ISF2.8 ISF3.8 Belt Tensioner 5262500
Model Number:
Adapted Model:
ISF2.8 ISF3.8 Diesel Engine
trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, oil and gas fields, railways and generator sets, etc.
6 month
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T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alipay, bank transfer, Trade Assurance and so on.
By sea, by air, by express 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 15 days for air, 30 days for sea/train
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