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China ISO Marine Diesel Engine Assembly CCEC KTA19 M4 700HP

KTA19 M4 700HP Parameter:

1. Every engine is completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt, thoroughly cleaned, inspected and fitted with new parts as needed.After final assembly, computerized engine test cells guarantee like-new performance.

2. Commercial and Recreational engine applications.A wide variety of engines in stock for fast turnaround.No-hassle core acceptance.

3. The quality of the six cylinder diesel engine sold directly by the factory is more guaranteed, the process flow is stable and efficient, and one-stop services such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection are provided for our customers.


China ISO Marine Diesel Engine Assembly CCEC KTA19 M4 700HP

Our products cover M11, NT855, KTA19, KTA38, and KTA50 engines and parts, with the power varying from 185hp to 2200hp.

Engine Model Specifications
KTA19-M CUMMINS Displacement: 19 Litre
Cylinder: 6
Bore x Stroke: 159mm x 159mm
Rated Power: 600HP @1800rpm
Power Optional: 350HP-700HP
Fuel system: PT Cummins Fuel Pump
Aspiration: Turbocharge/Aftercooled
Certificate: Cummins MARINE certificate
Accessories: starting motor, alternator and accessory package

As per customer demand


ISO Cummins Marine Diesel Engine Assembly CCEC KTA19 M4 700HP 0




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