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Clutch Driven Disc Hub 1601130-T0802

1601130-T0802 Clutch Driven Disc Advantage:
1. The clutch driven disc of auto parts is a part that is easy to wear and tear. With each clutch action, the clutch plate will be worn, so it needs to be replaced according to the degree of wear.
2. The 1601130-T0802 clutch driven disc supplied by JUNVOCH have suitable and stable friction coefficient, good wear resistance, and have good mechanical strength and physical properties during use.
3. The quality of the clutch disc hub sold directly by the factory is more guaranteed, the process flow is stable and efficient, and one-stop services such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection are provided for our customers.


Clutch Driven Disc Hub 1601130-T0802

The principle of the clutch disc hub pressure plate is divided into two parts: one is the working principle (clutch combination); the other is the separation principle.
       1. The working principle of the clutch disc hub pressure plate: the casing of the clutch, (if it is a double-plate clutch) including the middle pressure plate, is installed on the plunger on the rear end of the flywheel, under the action of the spring (one end is the clutch pressure plate, the other end of the spring is the clutch housing) to combine the pressure plate with the friction plate, so that the engine power is transmitted to the gearbox.
       2. The separation principle of the clutch pressure plate: a release lever is installed on the clutch housing, and the release lever is close to the outer edge of the clutch, that is, the shortest side of the lever fulcrum is connected to the pressure plate. When the clutch needs to be separated, the longest end of the release lever is pushed through the release bearing on the gearbox input shaft sleeve, so that the release lever pulls the clutch pressure plate to overcome the force of the spring on the pressure plate, so that the pressure plate and the friction plate are separated.
Part No. 1601130-T0802
Item name clutch driven disc
Application Construction machine, Heavy trucks, Excavator, Crane, Loader, Generator, Marine etc.
Engine Appli​cation Depends
Brand Junvoch Brand or customized brand
Quality Top grade
Warranty 6 months
MOQ 1 pc for sample is accepted
Packing 1.OEM Neutral packing in whiter boxes or browncartons
Packing 2.Original Genuine packing/Standard exporting packing
Packing 3.According to customers' requirements
Payment terms T/T, WU, Alipay, Money gram, Trade Assurance
Delivery term EXW, FOB, CFR, CNF, CIF, DDU, DDP
Shipping By sea, by air, by express 1-3 days out of factory, 1 week time for express, 30days for sea




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