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Truck Engine Parts ISDE QSB6.7 Diesel Engine Crankshaft 3968164 5301008 5301009

Diesel Engine Crankshaft 3968164 5301008 5301009 Parameter:
1. Crankshaft is one of the most important parts in diesel engine. Its function is to transmit the gas force from the piston and connecting rod.It is converted into torque output to drive the power unit connected with it. In addition, it also drives the valve train of the diesel engine itself structure and various accessories.
2. When the diesel engine is working, the crankshaft is subjected to great gas pressure and inertial force to transmit great torque.The crankshaft is subjected to periodic alternating loads such as tension, compression, bending and torsion, which can cause vibration and fatigue of the crankshaftdestruction. Therefore, the crankshaft is required to have sufficient strength and stiffness; Wear resistance of journal surface; Within the operating speed range No torsional vibration and resonance; It has good balance to ensure the smooth operation of the diesel engine and its weight
3. Application for Heavy duty truck, buses, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway machinery, port machinery, stationary and mobile diesel generator set power stations, Marine propulsion unit and auxiliary power unit, pump power units and other power units, automobile industry power ships.



What does a crankshaft do in a diesel engine?
The crankshaft is a moving part of the internal combustion engine (ICE). It's main function is to transform the linear motion of the piston into rotational motion. The pistons are connected to the crankshaft through the connecting rods. The crankshaft is mounted within the engine block.
Advantages and Characteristics
1. Robust and fully balanced crankshaft design for a more steadily rotation and higher strength and precision
2. Better reliability and longer life
3. Key processses adopt the world-class advanced equipment
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