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Precautions for the use of diesel generator sets in dry

July 27, 2022
 Diesel generator heating and drying should be carried out in clean air, before drying, use compressed air to blow the diesel generator clean. If the winding is seriously wet, it should be dried by hot air method first, and then dried with load after certain time, so as to avoid insulation breakdown. When drying, should put more thermometers, distributed in various parts of the diesel generator, in order to grasp the temperature of each part, to prevent local overheating. Heating should be carried out slowly to avoid insulation damage due to sudden evaporation of moisture inside the coil. If the drying temperature does not reach the required temperature, it can be dried at a slightly lower temperature, but the time should be extended appropriately.
  Diesel generator drying at the beginning, due to the winding heating, moisture evaporation out of the pick, so that the insulation resistance decreases, and then gradually rise, the rate of rise more and more slowly, stable in a certain value. Under the constant temperature, insulation resistance remains unchanged for more than 3h, the drying work can be finished.
    No matter what method, after drying, when the coil is cooled to 60℃, the absolute resistance of the stator winding and the rotor winding is measured by 500V megohmmeter, and it should be not less than 0.5M ohms.