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Manufacturers share the benefits of configuring rain cover for diesel generators

July 27, 2022
 Enterprises suffering from sudden power outages need to purchase diesel generators, some enterprises even if the purchase of diesel generators, but if there is no diesel generator placed indoors, or generator room is not built temporarily. But enterprises also need to use electricity immediately, at this time, diesel generator manufacturers for users to plan and conceive a rain-proof diesel generator, this structure features equipment to no generator room and the need to use electricity to solve the practical difficulties of the situation.
  1, rainproof generator set is the company after scientific research planning and conception, the use of acoustics, airflow professional technology in the field of work, product development of high-quality power station, can be equipped with a variety of types of specifications in accordance with user needs.
  2, rain-proof generator sets of equipment benefits.
  Rainproof generator sets are also divided into silent and only rainproof generator sets, silent generator sets use professional sound insulation materials, after scientific research planning and conception, the use of acoustics, airflow science work area of professional technology use, to reduce the effect of generator set noise, can also be divided into low noise box type, low noise mobile type, engine room noise reduction 3 types.
  3, the use of rain-proof power station.
  Rainproof generator set is mainly used for outdoor, suburban fixed site engineering construction, can progress the generator set of rain, snow, sand and other professional capabilities. With time and energy saving, easy to control and other benefits.