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Talking about how to reduce fuel consumption of generators

July 27, 2022
A, Dongguan engine long-term use of the formation of normal wear, or due to improper maintenance of the formation of abnormal wear, will make the formation of diesel engine cylinder liner longitudinal pull marks, bore, piston side clearance beyond the specified value, so that the piston ring support force correspondingly reduced, scraping oil is not net phenomenon. Or because of the oil ring within the inner support twist spring disconnected in the oil ring opening position, resulting in scraping oil is not net and participate in combustion, resulting in serious oil consumption symptoms, manifested as diesel engine starting difficulties, breather oil spray serious, the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke out. Moreover, the piston should have been up the side of the assembly because of the direction of the inverted combustion chamber to form an inverted state, although it will not affect the diesel engine start, but the loss of oil will be quite serious, daily oil consumption in about 0.5 kg.
Second, when the Dongguan generator oil consumption is too much, should first check the body and gear room cover, line wheel side of the back cover, big plate, cover cover and other connections whether there is oil leakage. Such as oil leakage, should pay attention to observe the connection parts of the gasket is intact, to replace the damaged gasket. If the gasket is intact, it should be picked up to check whether the connection screws of each part are loose. Loose bolts with a wrench on to the specified torque can be. If the above parts are basically normal, and oil leakage in the rack position, the oil shell should be inspected, the main inspection parts in the front of the oil shell side with the same side of the line wheel, mostly due to loose screws in the seat, the line wheel in the v-belt pulling and protection of the oil shell rack angle iron generated by long-term friction, the oil shell wear through the formation of gaps and oil leakage.
Third, the valve guide wear serious will also burn diesel oil, although rare, but according to the relevant information, is not a cause to be taken lightly.