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Diesel Generator Room Design Requirements and Layout Requirements

August 05, 2022
Diesel generator room is used for storage and placement of diesel generators room, in the design of diesel generator room, need to meet certain meteorological conditions, sea wave conditions, water quality conditions and load capacity, etc., according to the construction drawings to choose the capacity of diesel generators, etc.. Diesel generator room layout process needs to be placed according to the number of generators, to meet the maintenance of space and access to maintenance, good room wire arrangement, etc., the following diesel generator rental manufacturers Yatong Xiaobian detailed introduction for you.
Diesel generator room design requirements
Meteorological conditions
Diesel generator rated capacity is tested in accordance with 40 ℃, as long as the peripheral environment does not exceed 40 ℃ for a long time, diesel generators can be designed in accordance with the rated value.
Altitude conditions
The rise in altitude will lead to a decline in the power performance of diesel generators, if the choice of diesel generators in highland areas is not recommended to consider the possibility of overload operation.
Water quality conditions
Water quality is too hard will cause the water cooling system of the circulating water precipitation scale, reduce the thermal conductivity of the outer wall of the conduction, so that the cooling water circulation efficiency decreases, leading to rapid temperature rise of the unit, accidents, so hard water areas set diesel generator sets need to consider circulating water softening in advance.
Load capacity, etc.
Equipment capacity statistics first need to meet the requirements of the current specifications, such as a load of special importance in the first load, and then meet the individual requirements of the construction party for the functional characteristics of the project, respectively, statistics, the design is recommended to choose the larger of the fire load and important usual load, as the rated capacity of the diesel generator set.
Construction drawing stage diesel generator load capacity selection
If a class, two types of load simply add up to select the diesel generator capacity, the selected capacity is large, because in the fire state, only to ensure the operation of fire equipment, secondary load is not used, and in the non-fire state grid blackout, fire equipment is not used, so it is recommended to calculate the fire load and important non-fire load, the larger of the two as the basis for determining the capacity of the generator set, this approach It is necessary to meet the relevant requirements of both the fire department and the construction party. Another practice is designed according to the fire load and important non-fire load capacity of the total selection of generators, not only to meet the non-fire important load power needs, but also to ensure that the fire load work needs, higher security but also larger unit capacity, cost is also high, generally not recommended.
System design of diesel generator set
Diesel generator room is often located in the first floor, set up one or more diesel generator set, the unit is used for stand-alone operation or multiple parallel operation (parallel types: self-simultaneous, coarse simultaneous, quasi-simultaneous), diesel generator for the fire state or accident state equipment for power supply, according to the use of Party A to determine the demand, such as separate power supply will need to consider setting up separate outlet cabinets.
Diesel generator room layout requirements
Room equipment layout should be based on the size of the unit capacity and the number of units, should strive to compact, economical and reasonable, to ensure safety and easy maintenance.
When the generator room with only one unit, if the unit capacity of 500kW and below, there is generally no control room, then the distribution screen, control panel should be arranged at the generator end or generator side, the operation and maintenance channel requirements for the front of the screen from the generator end should not be less than 2m, the front of the screen from the generator side should not be less than 1.5m.
For multiple units with a single capacity of 500kW and above, it is appropriate to set up a control room in consideration of the convenience of operation and maintenance, management and centralized control. Generally, the generator control panel, unit operation desk, power control (screen) desk and lighting distribution box are placed in the control room. The layout of the control room is the same as the technical requirements of the layout of the low-voltage distribution room.
In the room, the unit should be arranged horizontally (vertically), so that the center line of the unit is perpendicular to the central axis of the room, with convenient operation and management, short pipelines and compact arrangement. When the engine room and the control and distribution room are adjacent to the arrangement, the generator outlet end should be arranged on the side close to the control and distribution room.