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Attention! The impact of air and temperature on the operation of diesel generator sets should not be underestimated

June 29, 2022
Diesel generator sets can continue to provide a safe and stable power supply, as an emergency backup power, to people from all walks of life, but the operation of diesel generator sets is also affected by many factors, including the impact of air and temperature on the operation of diesel generator sets can not be underestimated, many users may not understand, so follow the top Bo power to continue to learn more about it.
The impact of air on the diesel generator set
Generally, most of the diesel generator sets are used indoors, generator manufacturers in the design of the generator room for users, an important factor to consider is to ensure that the generator has enough fresh air, if the room is too tightly sealed, it will lead to poor air circulation, which will not only affect the diesel combustion rate of diesel generator sets, but also reduce the cooling effect of the unit, the inlet air cooling can not be achieved, the heat generated by the unit can not be discharged, so that the air can not be used. The heat generated by the unit can not be discharged, the temperature in the engine room will gradually rise, and then reach the red alert value and lead to failure, so the engine room generally do not install windows, with the security net to replace the glass, and the height of the windows from the ground should not be too high, which will also affect the diesel generator set "breathing" fresh air.
And in the outdoor use of diesel generator sets also need to consider the impact of air on diesel generator sets, some users ignore the unit using the air quality of the environment, and over time found that the unit power is slowly declining, but do not know why. In fact, this is the diesel generator set inhaled a lot of dirty air or inhalation of dust and floating sand and lead to a decline in diesel engine power, if the generator inhaled impurities such as dirt, it will make the insulation between the stator and rotor gap damage, serious will lead to generator burn. Therefore, in the outdoor use of diesel generator sets must ensure the quality of the environment around the unit, or take the necessary protective measures to "filter" the air.
The effect of temperature on diesel generator sets
Since diesel generator sets are made by diesel engines, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, so in the process of making work will generate a certain amount of heat, so the fan water tank is needed to cool the generator set. Normally, the ambient temperature of diesel generator sets used is -15℃ to 40℃. If it is not within this normal value, you should consider making changes to the accessories of the diesel generator set.
For example, when the ambient temperature is lower than -15℃, the generator set should be equipped with a water jacket heater to ensure that the temperature of the diesel generator water tank is within the normal value so that the generator can be started normally.
When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃, we should consider replacing the generator set water tank, because the normal ambient temperature of the diesel generator set water tank is -15 ℃ to 40 ℃, at this time should be replaced with more than 50 ℃ pure copper water tank to ensure the normal use of the generator set. Do not cause damage to the generator set because of this little negligence.
The impact of air and temperature on the operation of diesel generator sets should not be underestimated, users need to pay extra attention in use, so as to ensure the long-term performance of the unit in a stable state, in order to extend the service life of diesel generator sets, shorten the maintenance cycle of the unit and reduce operating costs.