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The ten wrong use of diesel generator air filter and the correct maintenance method

June 29, 2022
Air filter is one of the important parts of the diesel generator set, air filter failure, although temporarily will not affect the normal operation of the diesel engine, but the harm to the diesel engine is very serious. Most of the air filter failure, are due to the use of improper maintenance, should attract the attention of the majority of users. In this paper, top Bo power will introduce you to the diesel generator air filter of the top ten errors in use and correct maintenance methods.
1, much soil air filter. Air filter dust collection cup does not pour soil in a timely manner; some of the original cup is damaged and replaced with a metal cup, resulting in the amount of dust can not be observed from the outside. The dust collection is full of mud lumps. When the throttle is increased, the dust in the dust collection cup is sucked into the air intake, so that the oil in the oil pan early dirty thickened, the filter is too dirty, which causes the air intake resistance to increase, accelerating the wear and tear of the machine parts.
2, "eat oil" air filter. Some air filter oil pan in the oil soon no. This phenomenon is caused by the resistance of the air filter is too large (generally resistance more than 500mm water column), the oil is sucked into the air intake, with the air into the cylinder is burned off. At this time, the filter element should be checked for blockage and deformation.
3, "head shaking" air filter. Some air filters and air intake pipe connection is not tight, fixed, in the diesel engine running shaking, causing the air filter does not seal, not work.
4, defective air filter. Some of the air filter screen off into a hole, missing pieces, the gap between the screen around the shell is too large, almost lost the role of air filtration. The reason is the poor quality of the mesh disc, long-term use of excessive fatigue, machine vibration, etc.. The metal screen should be replaced in time.
5, the oil level exceeds the limit of the air filter. When refilling the oil pan oil, some users deliberately fill the oil level too high, thinking that the more the better, in fact, it is not. The oil level is too high will block the upper and lower oil holes, so that it is not smooth, it is difficult to ensure its oil discharge, dust absorption role. In addition, too much oil filling, is a strong airflow into the cylinder, with the fuel is burned off. Both waste and affect the working performance of diesel engine. The correct practice is to add oil to the lower tray protruding part.
6, dry installation of the upper and lower filter air filter. Users in the maintenance of the air filter upper and lower metal screen, after cleaning with oil, directly into the filter housing, this practice is wrong. The correct maintenance method is: the filter is cleaned and dried after dipping into the oil, in due time remove the excess oil dripping out, and then installed back to the original place. Note: when working in the ambient temperature is too high, wetting the filter must be used 85% to 90% of the oil and 10% to 25% of the calcium-based grease mixture to better increase the filtering effect.
7. Long-term non-cleaned air filter. The central suction pipe oil pan is not cleaned for a long time, do not change and add new oil, resulting in too much dust, scale, oil thickened into paste, lost the filtering effect; centrifugal dust collector hood cap, deflector and dust collection cover is not cleaned for a long time, too much soil, resulting in increased air intake resistance, reduce the speed of air intake vortex and dust removal effect, accelerate the wear and tear of the engine parts, resulting in the diesel engine power decline.
8, mistakenly add oil to the air filter. Some models of diesel engines have a dust collection plate at the bottom of the air filter and its shell connected together, some users do not know that it is for dust collection, mistakenly think that adding some oil in it can improve the filtering effect, but not, due to the vibration of the machine and the role of air turbulence will make the oil splashed to the cyclone dust pipe and the inner wall of the central small tube, but affect the filtering effect. Therefore, do not add oil in the dust collection plate.
9, the gap is blocked air filter. Some users check the seal of the diesel air filter with the method of increasing the death of the air inlet, found that the filter housing and cyclone dust pipe under the tray gap between a large number of air, and the engine does not shut down, thought it would affect the filtering effect, so the gap with cotton wire or cloth, etc. blocked. I do not know that this gap is not for air intake, but to play a role in blowing dust, do not block. When the diesel engine is working, the air enters the filter cavity at high speed from the air inlet pipe in the tangential direction, generating a high speed rotating movement from top to bottom, and the larger dust particles are thrown to the light wall, and then sprinkled downward, blown out of the shell by the inertial airflow from the gap, that is, to complete a level of dust. If this gap is blocked will increase the amount of dust removal of the second stage cyclone, resulting in excessive dust collection plate dirt scaling, early dirty filter, rubber ring aging.
10, "drilling" of the air filter. Diesel engines and gasoline engines compared. More difficult to start, especially in winter. Some users for easy diesel engine start, in the filter casing drill a 10 mm size hole, the use of this small hole to start the fire, although to a certain extent to solve the problem of starting difficulties. Unbeknownst to us, this hole directly destroys the vacuum degree of the filter and reduces the effect of air filtration. A part of the air without filtering directly into the cylinder, resulting in the air into the cylinder contains a lot of dust, these dust particles on the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring surface has a strong grinding effect, accelerating the wear of these parts. At the same time, the dust into the cylinder is brought to the oil sump by the oil, through the oil channel movement to the moving surface, accelerating the relative moving parts of the wear. The result will make the diesel engine end of compression cylinder pressure and temperature, combustion delay, diesel engine work rough, power down, fuel consumption increase, shorten the service life of the machine.
In summary, if not strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the use and maintenance of air filters, will affect the normal operation of the diesel engine, reducing the service life of the machine.