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Compilation Rules for New Model Diesel Engines in China

April 20, 2022
Diesel engines are engines that burn diesel to obtain energy release. They are widely used and are at the core of the industry chain. They are often used in heavy-duty vehicles, large passenger cars, construction machinery, ships, and generator sets. In order to facilitate the production management and application of internal combustion engines, the Chinese National Standard (GB725-82) "Rules for Compilation of the Title and Type of Internal Combustion Engine Products" uniformly stipulates the title and type of diesel engines.
The compilation rules for new models of diesel engines are as follows:
The first part: the specific design sequence number of a certain type of product: 10-gas fuel engine; 20-diesel engine; 30-diesel engine; 60-diesel engine-torque converter unit; 80-diesel engine-generator set
Middle: the number of cylinders and their arrangement: 12-12 cylinder V type; 08-8 cylinder V type; 06-6 cylinder V type; 6L-6 cylinder in-line type
Rear: Speed code: no code l500r/rnin; A-1300r/min; B-1200r/min; C-1000r/min; D-900r/min
Tail: use code or fuel code; C-marine; J-locomotive; G-engineering; T-natural gas; M-gas; N-biogas