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What is the meaning of common diesel engine models?

April 20, 2022
Engines that burn diesel to obtain energy release have the advantages of large torque and good economic performance. They are mainly used in final supporting products. For example, high-power and high-speed diesel engines are mainly used for heavy-duty vehicles, large passenger cars, construction machinery, ships, and generator sets.
Common diesel engines include PZ12V190B diesel engine, 3012A diesel engine, 6008B diesel engine, CAT3512TA diesel engine, TAD1232GE diesel engine, and the model meanings are as follows:
(1) PZ12V190B diesel engine:
P: Unit matching
z: supercharged (medium supercharged)
12: 12 cylinders
V: V type (cylinder arrangement)
190: Cylinder diameter 190mm
B: The second variant product
(2) 3012A diesel engine
30: Design sequence number of diesel engine
12: V-type 12-cylinder
A: 1300r/min
(3) 6008B diesel engine
60: Design sequence number of diesel engine torque converter unit
08: V-type 8-cylinder
B: 1200r/min
diesel engine
(4) CAT3512TA diesel engine
CAT: American Caterpillar Tractor Company
35: 35 series
12: 12 cylinders
TA: Exhaust gas turbocharging
(5) TAD1232GE diesel engine
T: Turbocharged
A: Air-to-air intercooling
D: diesel engine
12: Cylinder displacement, L
3: Product code (Note: 3 represents direct injection, 4 represents EFI)
2: Improved model
G: Diesel engine for power generation
E: low emissions