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Detailed explanation of components of diesel generator set power block assembly

May 17, 2022
The parts of diesel generator set are composed of two main components: body and cylinder head. The body part is the skeleton of the diesel generator power, and all the mechanisms, systems and devices of the diesel generator set power are installed inside or outside it. The body is an important part in the power of the diesel generator, and it is also the part that supports all the parts of the diesel engine. It also bears various forces during work. Therefore, the body parts should have high strength and rigidity in structure. The body assembly mainly includes the cylinder block, cylinder liner, gear chamber cover, crankcase, oil pan and other components.
1) Cylinder block
According to the different installation methods of parts, the cylinder block is divided into three types: horizontal type, vertical type and inclined type. Most small single-cylinder diesel engines use
Horizontal cylinder block, some small air-cooled diesel generators use inclined cylinder block for power. The cylinder block is cast from gray cast iron, and has many holes and flats machined on its surface and inside for mounting various components, such as for mounting and fixing cylinder liners. The crankcase is used to support the crankshaft, the upper part is equipped with a radiator and an oil tank, and the lower part is equipped with an oil pan, etc. There are also cast water channels and drilled oil channels in the cylinder block.
2) Cylinder liner
The inner wall of the diesel generator power cylinder liner is the track for the reciprocating motion of the piston. It forms the combustion chamber space together with the top of the piston, the cylinder head gasket, and the cylinder head, which is the place where the diesel fuel is burned and the gas expands. Most of the small single-cylinder diesel generators use wet cylinder liner, that is, after pressing into the cylinder block, the outside of the cylinder liner is in direct contact with the coolant. There are generally two ring grooves on the lower boss of the cylinder liner, and a rubber water ring with good elasticity, heat resistance and oil resistance is installed in the ring groove to prevent the coolant from leaking into the oil pan and causing the oil to deteriorate.
3) Gear chamber cover and gear chamber
The diesel generator set power gear chamber cover is made of gray cast iron or aluminum alloy, and it is installed on the side of the cylinder block. The gear cover is equipped with a fuel injection pump, an oil pump wrench seat, a speed regulating lever, a starting shaft bushing, a crankcase ventilation device, and a fuel injection pump observation hole for observation when installing the fuel injection pump.
There are five transmission gears in the gear chamber, including crankshaft gear, camshaft gear, speed control gear and speed governor, balance shaft gear, and starting shaft gear. The meshing marks are marked on the end face of each gear, and the marks must be aligned during installation. If the timing gear is assembled incorrectly, the diesel generator power will not work properly.
4) Crankcase and ventilation
The crankcase is the cavity where the crankshaft rotates. Small diesel generator power all cast the crankcase and cylinder block in one piece. In order to prevent the oil splashed by the crankshaft from leaking out at high speed, the inner cavity of the crankcase must be sealed. When the diesel generator is powered, some compressed gas in the cylinder will leak back into the crankcase, which will increase the gas pressure in the crankcase and cause oil leakage. To reduce oil consumption, crankcase ventilation must be provided.
5) Oil pan
The oil pan is usually made of stamping steel plate, it is installed in the lower part of the cylinder block, the head is closed in the crankcase, and the oil is collected and stored. The bottom of the oil pan is equipped with a magnetic oil drain plug, which can absorb the iron filings in the oil and reduce the wear of parts.