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Diesel generator set in the winter use to pay attention to these maintenance points!

June 16, 2022
Seasonal change, the four seasons change, turn the eye even the warm two wide to usher in the cooling again, winter along with a significant drop in temperature, the use and maintenance of diesel generator sets are to perform different from other seasons, otherwise the unit will likely not start normally, the following maintenance points, the majority of users must take a small notebook to write down!
1, if your diesel generator set is long-term outdoor use, then please be sure to keep an eye on the weather temperature changes, when the temperature is below 4 ° C, to promptly drain the cooling water in the unit cooling water tank, otherwise the cooling water may cause damage to the unit tank because of solidification.
2, diesel generator sets should also pay attention to do a good job of keeping warm, the conditions allow the user can be equipped with insulation sets and other equipment.
3, diligent change of air filter. Winter wind is relatively large, relatively more impurities in the air. Diligent change of air filter, can reduce impurities into the cylinder, thus extending the service life of diesel generator sets.
4, the correct choice of lubricants. Top Bo Power recommends that users choose low viscosity lubricants in winter.
5, in the low temperature start diesel generator set to warm up in advance, slow start, this is because the air temperature inhaled in the cylinder is relatively low, the piston compressed gas is difficult to reach the temperature of diesel spontaneous combustion. So after starting should first run at low speed for 3-5 minutes, and so the overall problem of diesel generator set to improve, check the lubrication oil, if there is no problem can be run normally.
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