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Diesel generator sets have a great impact on noise. How should users reduce noise?

June 14, 2022
People have a certain limit to the noise tolerance. When the noise of the diesel generator set is too large, it will have a certain impact on the lives of the people around, and it will also cause inconvenience to the unit operators, while the diesel generator set is running. There will inevitably be a lot of noise in the environment. In order to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment, users can perform noise reduction processing in the following ways.
Choose a suitable exhaust system: In order to reduce the noise of the diesel generator set, you can choose a more suitable exhaust system. However, it also has the disadvantage of expelling the sound directly from the route. In this case, use a muffler to reduce noise. Additionally, users can build sound absorbing walls around the generator to reduce noise during operation.
Control of smoke exhaust noise: A special secondary muffler can be installed in the smoke exhaust system to control the noise generated by the exhaust smoke of the generator set. It is also necessary to ensure that there is sufficient space in the machine room for operator activities.
Install in the correct location: Besides the system specification, the installation location of the unit is another important point that every user should pay attention to before installation. The user should try to ensure that the installation location of the diesel generator set system will not pollute nearby places.
Reduced engine noise: The sound of generator engines is another cause of noise pollution. Therefore, the user must also take appropriate steps. So, how to reduce it? As a main guide, we must recommend noise suppression measures such as additional insulation. It can be integrated into the design of the generator to help reduce noise.
Cooling system: Noise from the generator cooling system is also one of the causes of noise pollution on site. There are several solutions to get rid of it, depending on the function of the fan, whether the fan is belted or electric. Also, the noise level depends on the speed of the fan.
Control of mechanical noise: Fireproof and soundproof iron doors can be designed, and sound-absorbing and soundproofing materials can be used on the walls and top of the machine room.