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Five reasons for the rapid deterioration of diesel engine oil

May 07, 2022
Diesel generator set oil is usually used for lubrication, cooling, sealing, heat transfer and rust prevention. The surface of each moving part of diesel generator set is covered with lubricating oil to form an oil film, which avoids heating and wear of parts. However, due to various reasons, the oil of the diesel generator set will deteriorate. If the engine oil deteriorates, it must be replaced with a new oil to avoid the failure of the diesel generator set due to the deterioration of the oil. Five reasons for the rapid deterioration of diesel engine oil:
1. The oil grade is wrong and the quality is substandard. Generally, Cummins diesel generators with supercharging and rated speed greater than 2000r/min should use CC grade or above oil.
2. The technical conditions of the generator set are not good, there are gas and oil, the matching gap is too large or the oil temperature is too high.
3. The generator set often runs at low temperature, low load and low speed, with insufficient piston deformation and poor combustion. Diesel runs along the cylinder walls into the oil sump, diluting and spoiling the oil.
4. Exhaust gas enters the oil pan and condenses into moisture and acidic substances, which deteriorate the oil.
5. The oil filter element is dirty, and the unfiltered dirty oil enters the lubricating parts, which also accelerates the wear of the generator set parts.