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How much is a 100kw diesel generator set?

May 20, 2022
When purchasing a 100-kilowatt diesel generator set, the most concerned question for users is how much a set, because the purchase price of the equipment largely determines the cost of the enterprise, and the price of diesel generator sets is affected by many factors, except In addition to the power, brand and configuration of the unit itself, it will also be affected by factors such as market demand, weather, and government control. At present, the price of domestic 100-kilowatt diesel generator sets is about 30,000-80,000.
       If you want to know the specific quotation of a unit, you need to know the basic information of the unit: the brand of the unit, the configuration of the unit, the power of the unit, whether the unit is a brush diesel generator set or a brushless diesel generator set and other related information. How much is a 100-kilowatt diesel generator? Only by determining the brand and a series of parameters can the most correct price be quoted.
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