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How should the user save the diesel generator set when it is not used for a long time?

June 13, 2022
Modern diesel generator sets are widely used in various life and production fields as emergency backup power sources due to their economical and safe fuel, high thermal efficiency, reliable and stable performance, and low environmental pollution. , In the case of normal mains power, some units may not need to be put into use for a long time and need to be stored for a long time, so how should users store diesel generator sets when they are not used for a long time? In this article, Dingbo Power will give you a detailed answer.
Many users may think that if they do not use it, they only need to cover the diesel generator set with simple packaging. In fact, this is very wrong. The diesel generator set is expensive and is a very important asset. It is not used for a long time. It is necessary to carry out necessary storage measures for it, otherwise it may cause serious property damage. When the diesel generator set needs to be stored for more than 6 months, users need to pay attention to the following matters:
1. The temperature range of the storage area of ​​the diesel generator set should be kept between -40°C to 65°C without condensation, and vibration or sudden changes in temperature and humidity should be avoided.
2. The storage area must be well ventilated, dry and clean, and isolated from chemical pollution sources, while preventing animals from infesting or nesting and damaging the unit.
3. The storage area needs to have a closed enclosure or building to ensure that the unit is protected from rain, snow, wind, hail and dust.
4. The outer packaging of the diesel generator set should have breathing holes to allow airflow to pass through and prevent water vapor from condensing.
5. All openings of the diesel generator set (air inlet, filter, exhaust port, valve port, etc.) should be sealed during storage to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the unit. Cover the entire engine with plastic sheeting and place a warning label on the engine. The label must indicate:
Do not run the engine
Do not crank the crankshaft
The engine has been anti-rust treatment
The coolant has been drained
Processing date
The above contents are some of the preservation items that users should pay attention to when the diesel generator set is not used for a long time. The user must strictly abide by it and save it carefully, otherwise it is very likely that the diesel generator set will not be able to start when it is needed later.