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How to avoid oil leakage failure of diesel generator sets?

June 13, 2022
Diesel generator set is a very durable power generation equipment. Its service life can be used for 10-20 years if it is maintained and maintained normally. If it is a larger unit, its service life may be longer. In the diesel generator set, various failure problems will inevitably occur, among which the oil leakage phenomenon is one of them. In addition to directly increasing the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set, the oil leakage of the generator set may also cause the generator set to fail to start. Or the operation is unstable, which poses a threat to the safe use of the unit. To avoid the occurrence of oil leakage failures, we should first understand the reasons for oil leakage:
1. The pressure of the oil in the diesel generator set is too high, which causes the problem of oil leakage at the static joint.
2. It may be that the quality of the purchased or self-made paper pads does not meet the requirements, or that the thickness of the paper pads does not meet the standard, and there are problems such as wrinkles. These are the possible reasons for oil leakage.
3. It may also be due to the quality of the static joint itself. It may be that the static joint surface of the diesel generator set cannot be completely sealed due to the insufficient precision of the equipment during processing and the rough transportation conditions during the transportation of goods.
4. After the unit has been used for a period of time, it will generally be repaired and maintained. If professional technicians are not invited to operate the unit during maintenance, and the user operates it by himself, the maintenance level is difficult to reach the professional maintenance level, and sometimes maintenance is carried out. There may be some improper operations during the process, which may cause oil leakage.
5. After the diesel generator set has been used for a certain period of time, the wear between the various parts increases, and oil leakage will also occur.
When there is an oil leakage problem in the diesel generator set, the user must pay attention to it and deal with it in a timely and correct manner. If it cannot be dealt with by himself, he can contact a professional generator manufacturer for on-site maintenance. In the daily use process, according to different oil leakage reasons, actively carry out Preventive measures can effectively avoid oil leakage failure of diesel generator sets.