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How to control the harm caused by diesel generator sets to the environment and human health

June 02, 2022
The pollution of diesel generator sets to the environment mainly includes the pollution of the exhaust gas of diesel engines to the atmosphere; the pollution of noise to the environment; the pollution of waste oil and waste water to soil or surface water. Among them, exhaust gas emissions are the most harmful to human health. At the same time, it is also an important source of environmental pollution, and is the main culprit in the formation of acid rain and the destruction of the ozone layer. So how do we control the harm caused by diesel generator sets to the environment and human health?
       1. Strengthen noise management
       The noise of diesel generators is usually caused by aerodynamic noise caused by intake and exhaust, combustion noise of diesel generator sets, and mechanical noise caused by vibration of mechanical parts during the operation of the unit. Therefore, the noise control of diesel generator sets mainly lies in the control of aerodynamic noise and the control of radiated noise on the surface of the generator set. Take relevant measures; at the same time, reduce the resonance of the mechanical noise and combustion noise of the generator set, and realize the effective control of the noise of the diesel generator set, so that it can meet the national noise environmental protection standards.
       2. Reduce the emission of harmful substances
       In order to reduce the emission of harmful substances from the diesel generator set, we can control the amount of incoming air by improving the intake system of the diesel engine, adopting the variable vortex intake system or using the multi-valve technology, which can reduce the air pollution after combustion, and at the same time. Water spraying can also be used to reduce the discharge of harmful substances, and water spraying can greatly reduce the harmful substances discharged into the air;
       3. Deal with the oil leakage fault of the processing unit
       Oil leakage failure of diesel generator sets will not only increase the fuel consumption of the unit and increase operating costs, but also is prone to safety accidents. Oil leakage will also directly cause environmental pollution. Therefore, users should always check the operation of diesel generator sets. Must be dealt with promptly.
       With the improvement of the country's environmental protection requirements, the emission of diesel generator sets has also been gradually upgraded from the second country to the third country. The national three diesel generator sets have lower emissions, lower fuel consumption, and are more environmentally friendly. Due to the exhaust gas of diesel generator sets The harmful substances in the diesel generator will have a certain impact on the human body and the environment. Therefore, it is recommended that users try to choose the national three-emission generator when purchasing diesel generator sets.