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How to correctly install the diesel generator set speed sensor

May 17, 2022
The diesel generator set speed sensor is literally, it monitors the speed of the diesel generator set in real time. The quality of the speed sensor directly affects the stability and safety of the diesel generator set, so it is very important to ensure the quality of the speed sensor. Another important point is that the installation of the sensor should also be taken seriously. Only the correct and standardized installation can avoid the hidden trouble of the diesel generator set. The following JUNVOCH will introduce you how to install the diesel generator set speed sensor correctly.
1. The distance between the sensor and the flywheel of the diesel generator set is too far or too close. Generally, the distance is about 2.5+0.3mm. If the distance is too far, the signal may not be sensed, and if it is too close, the working surface of the sensor may be worn out. Due to the radial (or axial) movement of the flywheel during high-speed operation, too close a distance poses a great threat to the safety of the sensor. It has been found that the working surface of several probes has been scratched. According to practical experience, the distance is generally about 2mm, which can be measured with a feeler gauge.
2. Due to the vibration of the mounting bracket of the sensor when the diesel generator set is running, the measurement signal is inaccurate, and the alternating magnetic field changes irregularly, causing fluctuations in the speed indication. Treatment method: Reinforce the bracket and weld it with the diesel engine body.
3. Since the oil thrown by the flywheel sticks to the working surface of the sensor, it will have a certain impact on the measurement results. If an oil-proof cover is installed on the flywheel, it can have a good effect.
4. The failure of the speed transmitter makes the output signal unstable, causing fluctuations in the speed indication or even no speed indication, and the electrical overspeed protection malfunction will be triggered due to its unstable operation and poor contact of the wiring head. In this regard, the frequency generator can be used to input the frequency signal to verify the speed transmitter, and the terminals shall be tightened. Since the speed transmitter is controlled by PLC microcomputer, it can be readjusted or replaced if necessary.
The above is the correct installation method of the diesel generator set speed sensor. With the popularization of the diesel generator set automation function, the use of the speed sensor is essential. Users must understand its installation matters. At this time, the user should also pay attention to whether the sensor is normal. If any abnormality is found, please contact the generator manufacturer for on-site maintenance in time.