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How to deal with the problem of unstable diesel generator exciter?

June 17, 2022
The excitation system refers to the power supply and its auxiliary equipment that supplies the excitation current to the synchronous generator, which generally consists of two main parts: the excitation power unit and the excitation regulator. The excitation power unit provides the excitation current to the synchronous generator rotor, while the excitation regulator controls the output of the excitation power unit according to the input signal and the given regulation criteria. The degree automatic excitation regulator of the excitation system plays a considerable role in improving the stability of the parallel units of the power system. In particular, the development of modern power systems has led to the trend of lowering the stability limit of the unit and has prompted the continuous development of excitation technology. However, sometimes the problem of unstable diesel generator set exciter occurs, how should the user deal with it? This article top Bo power to explain to you.
Causes of diesel generator exciter instability, for example, after shutdown because the exciter pole material is very close to the soft steel and often lose remanence. Diesel generator's magnetic pole without magnetism will make its power generation function unstable as well. Diesel generator excitation circuit components that are damaged or have broken, shorted or grounded circuits will also cause the diesel generator to not work properly. There are also mistakes in the wiring of the excitation winding, the opposite polarity, or the brush and commutator are not in good contact, the pressure of the brush holder is not enough, the slip ring of the generator is not in good contact with the brush, the fuse is damaged, etc. can lead to the instability of the diesel generator.
Therefore, when using diesel generators, the battery needs to be always ready and magnetized before generating electricity. If there is damage to the excitation circuit components or wiring problems, you need to promptly replace the components and repair the faulty circuit. Usually do a good job to clean the contact surface of the tip of the scale, brush frame to tighten, brush pressure for more appropriate adjustment. If the wiring is not correct, the wiring will be correct. If the fuse is damaged, you need to find out the cause first, if you need to replace also need to replace the appropriate fuse.
The above is the way to deal with the unstable diesel generator exciter problem